There are varying steps that lead to getting the most ideal nerdy wedding ringsfor your loved one. Have you crossed all of the Middle Earth, Netherworlds, or Westeros to find your own ‘the one’, or saved the girl after battling Ra’s al Gul? It’s now time to give one of these amazing wedding rings as it’s dangerous to go alone. Luckily, there is help. Whether you happen to be a gamer, comic book fan, anime lover, fantasy reader, or sci-fi enthusiast, the foremost providers can produce the most ideal wedding ring that reflects what you love and who you are. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Choose your design

All wedding rings begin with an initial idea that you could send via the designer’s website contact form. You do not need to have a completely thought-out design that features detailed sketches, nevertheless, the designer will demand a detailed idea and the varying elements you desire to see incorporated into your rings. The experts can produce these rings based on virtually anything. A location or character in some series, an iconic emblem or weapon, a reoccurring theme or symbol. Even if you have images of any other ring styles that you love, all you need do is send them so the expert designers better understand what you desire.

2. Choose your materials

The materials that are available in rings made for you by producers of nerdy wedding rings online will largely depend on your set budget. For instance, sterling silver rings could cost four to fivetimes less than the cost of a platinum ring, but if silver is what can be afforded by your budget, then that will be the most ideal metal for you. The experts will work together with you as well as your budget to discover the most appropriate materials to use for your rings. Some clients do not like to offer a budget, nevertheless, without understanding what you desire to spend, it becomes challenging for them to offer the most appropriate recommendations as regards materials. Also, pricing these custom rings could be timely and save both of you time if they know right from the start, that your budget is not realistic.

3. Design and produce your ring

After you have designed your ring and given the expert producers your approval, they start the final step in the production of your rings. The first step in the process of production is sending you the CAD file which you approved so it can be ‘printed’. Printed here means a 3-D printed wax model of the rings. It’s the wax model that will then be used in creating the mould that will eventually form your rings. Finally, molten metal is poured into the moulds, thus burning away the wax and leaving your rings back inside the metal.

After your nerdy wedding rings have been cast, any desired stones are then set and the rings get polished, all special engravings or finishes then get done, thus putting the final touches onto your rings. If all of these steps have been completed, then congratulations to you as your rings are then finally ready.