You might be wondering which are those mobile games that can improve your memory, here we are going to tell you. Choices are overwhelming and overflowing and we have chosen the best recommendations for you.

These mobile brain games are here to well and extensively sharpen your mind. In addition, the trend of using these mobile gaming apps has come such a long way.

This has become a developing platform and a lot more advancement is yet to be seen in it. If you love to play shooters, RPGs and even puzzle games, then these are suitable recommendations for you.

Instead of seeing yourself in brainless entertainment, it is better to start playing these popular and famous mobile gaming genres and hence improve your memory.


First one, we have this game recommendation that is titled as Solitaire. This game has the potential to sharpen your mind and memory side.

Furthermore, it is pretty much incredible and you can well catch up with a massive library and collection of brain training games in it.

This game tells you how to divide your focus and attention and how to become multi-tasking. Besides, it guides and educates you on improving your focus side each single day.

No doubt, this game is all about learning sequence memorization and word memorization. This same learning and memory boosting approach can be implemented by you in your practical life if you play this Solitairegame as well.


The next mobile game option that we have suggested to you is Peaks. This game carries the repute of improving and sharpening your memory on extensive notes.

It is injected with an amazing user interface and installed with quirky design elements in it. Moreover, there are 40 unique and highly creative games composed in it.

The best part of playing this game is that they are developed and created by a professional team of neuroscientists. These experts fully know how to bring the world of memory and gaming all together.

All of the games that are inducted in this app are planned professionally and strategically.


This one is a personalized brain training game that you can play regularly. You can freely call this game that helps you accomplish your daily game workouts.

It comes with a convenient workout calendar and aids you in tracking and managing your progress level on the convenient notes. There are 30 cognitive games present in it, how amazing it is.

These games are fun, exciting and unique enough to play. This game is much more appreciated and praised because of its adaptive difficulty progression.

The more you become sharper upon playing this game, more difficulty levels will be raised.


Moving to more of the popular brain training game suggestions, we have for our readers Lumosity. We can provide you with a pretty much good reason to play this game so that you can instantly improve your memory.

It has over 25 games in it and successfully gives you a custom-tailored and best of all brain training experience.

The catchy part of using this game is that it has collaborated itself with around and about 40+ university researchers.

Its developers are known for making classic cognitive games that can well enhance and improve your neuropsychological side.


If you have not yet played Brainwell for improving your memory, then do so as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this is a brain training app.

It provides you with daily training regimens as well as detailed progress reports. Furthermore, this memory improving app is a lot more fun and attractive enough to use.

Upon playing this game, you can even challenge your friends and buddies and increase the competition level too.

Both adults and children can play this game and feel the amazing difference in their memory improving part.

Brain Wars

Next, we have Brain Wars that can easily make your competitive brain trainer in no less time. In addition, it makes you part of an all-out battle so that you can boost your brain power in less time.

This app is incorporated with simple brainteasers and interesting puzzles, as well as other kinds of neuropsychological games.

You will find these games much more challenging and fun to complete. Besides, all of the games present in this app are well designed and they are too user-friendly.

Logic Grid Puzzles

The last suggestion is this Logic Grid Puzzles memory improving game that is right now much loved.

It was invented by Lewis Carroll and engineered to sharpen your memory and logic.

In this game, players are challenged to complete entire 6-grid puzzles. We are sure that you are going to have incredible experience upon playing this game.


So, which mobile game you want to play now to improve your memory, do let us know.

If more of the memory improving gaming apps will come in the market, we will let you know. Stay tuned with us.

This webpage is all about introducing mobile gaming apps that possess utmost capability to improve your memory power, so keep on visiting it.