When creating elearning contents, one of the most difficult parts is its designing. However, it is considered to be a crucial element. It is important to put in plenty of effort and knowledge to transfer ideas to browser from script, but with great care, since plenty of scopes do exist for disaster.

Tips for authors to follow

Prior to starting own elearning contents, the aspiring author should go through the given below tips.

  • Only design will not be enough: The biggest problem faced these days by elearning is its design quality. More association is necessary between learners, practical activities meant for participating learners and updated contents, thus making it much easier to find it relevant and useful. Such changes are to be brought into their writing by designers, so as to come up with intellectual and creative content. The more intellectual, interactive and imaginative the design is, it is likely to be much better to assemble and make it work perfectly for target learners. It also becomes much easier for the audience to browse compatibly the contents to derive full picture. With elearning development being more technical, it does help to increase business opportunities.
  • Learning from history: There emerged various types of software program to support multimedia CD-Rom on Macs and PCs. They are:
    • Authorware: Along with Asymetrix Toolbook, it provides direct functionality that is required for learning applications.
    • Macromedia Director provides animation abilities combined with audio visual power.

These tools did offer increasingly sophisticated features after which was introduced the internet. Great opportunity was provided by elearning authoring tools to interact between tutors and learners. Network delivery through browser was preferred. Massive elearning files can now be stored in the web and collected according to specific individual needs.

  • Make it simple and effective: Scenarios and stories can help maintain learners’ attention. Contents needs to be written promptly using conversational tone, thus making it pleasant and easier for the readers to go through it. Also description of procedures and situations are to be maintained in a way to create image within the learners’ minds. Here, visual design techniques are really helpful.
  • Always, learner is the main focus: These details are indeed quite crucial and simply cannot be neglected or ignored when creating content authoring. Also, it will be extremely important not to lose out focus at any point of time on the learner when developing contents. The ultimate duty of the elearning module is to satisfy all learners. A well developed elearning module is sure to influence positive the learners. The course created needs to be worthy enough and also provide adequate help to all learners.

The experts are of the conclusion that no standard way is said to exist when it comes to developing and writing elearning contents for the web. As a matter of fact, no right way exists. However, by identifying some common problems that are faced with elearning contents as well as specific information required by the audience, it becomes much easier to create contents. Following the above simple steps can prove to be more than effective to write own module successfully.