N.A Haris who is called Nalapad Ahmed Haris is an Indian businessman and a well-known politician of the Indian National Congress. At the same time, he is the member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly from Shanthi Nagar Constituency. In the year 2013 he won the Karnataka assembly elections with a vote number of 19,000. Along with that he is the previous chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. s

Beginning life of Nalapad:

Nalapad Ahmed Mohammed who is the father of Nalapad lived in Kasaragod, Kerala moved to Bhadravati Karnataka. In the beginning stage, Nalapad father runned a metal scrapping shop. After that Nalapad Ahmed Mohammed decided to work in a huge work so he moved to Bangalore and worked in government construction projects.

When you worked in the government projects he did so many however one project called Upper Krishna Project offered some penny. So Nalapad’s father opened a Hotel Bangalore International. Nalapad Haris had born in the year 1966 when Nalapad Ahmed Mohammed moved to Bangalore. In the year 1978 Nalapad’s father started the Nalapad Group of Hotels. Once Nalapad enters into the family business in the year 1997 he did some changes.

That is he made the Nalapad Group into so many things. The Nalapad Group’s businesses are split into so many it includes Nalapad Pipes, Nalapad Suraksha, Nalapad Infotech and Nalapad Energy. At the same time, Nalapad Group started Nalapad International School.

Political details:

Indian Congress Leader K.J. George from Kerala and Nalapad Haris had a good friendship. It helped Nalapad Haris to enter into the politics. Since Haris became a loyal person of K.J George and also for the Chief Minister OonmmenChandy in the 2000s. That’s what helped Nalapad Haris get a best position in the party and also in the life.

In the year 2008 Nalapad Haris became MLA of Shanthi Nagar assembly constituency of Karnataka Legislative Assembly election at the age of 41. He started charity and it shows its grace and he did a lot of things via Nalapad Ahmed Haris foundation. This foundation been the reason for so many peoples happiness since several scholarships and several job opportunities offered.

In the year 2013 he became the MLA from the Shanthi Nagar aseembly constituency. At the same time, in the year 2017 Nalapad Haris son who is 28 years old name Mohammed became the General Secretary of Bengaluru Youth Congress. Again in the year 2018 he has been re-elected from Shanthi Nagar.

NalapadHaris son Mohammed is a great person who has been brought up in the right way. He did so many charitable things through Nalapad Haris foundation. At the same time, he is going to act in the Bollywood movie very soon. He is interested to act from his childhood even while choosing a role in the school and college days while acting he choose leader. From childhood he had an idea of became a leader. For sure he will bring some changes once he became the ruler.