The fashion industry pays importance to the difference between different clothes, their materials, and the purpose to be brought by the consumers in the market. People fail to differentiate between sleepwear, and nightwear as they are considered to be the same, though they come under the same category of clothing they serve a different purpose. The difference between sleepwear for men or women and nightwear for men, or women is important to understand as they impact the overall comfort and sleep cycle of an individual, which is the main reason why both the fashion industry and clothing market aims to provide a unique collection to easily differentiate between them. Clothes are generally categorized based on clothing materials, fabrics, fitting, and comfort they provide.


Sleepwear for men is referred to as those clothes that are to be worn by an individual while sleeping as they are made of lightweight cloth materials and their main purpose is to provide enough comfort to sleep peacefully. Sleepwear for women is styled and made to exclusively meet the demand of an individual ready for bed as their materials are often selected as casual and comfy to avoid discomfort and itchiness. Sleepwear comes in different styles like solid prints and vibrant colours, notched type collars, loose-fit tees, nightshirts, and cotton trousers as they provide a comfortable fit to maintain the proper body temperature during sleep. Sleepwear can also vary depending on the demography and climate. Hilly areas have a naturally cold climate throughout the year and hence require warmer sleepwear as compared to areas on the sea-level.


There is not much difference between sleepwear and nightwear as most of the fashion icons and clothing industry admits that they are the same category of cloth. While the major difference between nightwear and sleepwear is that nightwear could be considered as lingerie while sleepwear could be considered as a wide variety of pyjamas.

Sleepwear for men


Men can go for cotton loose-fit pyjamas for a comfortable feeling during their sleep at night. These are made of soft fabric to provide the ultimate coziness. They help to maintain proper ventilation while sleeping to avoid perspiration during hot and humid conditions.

Boxers and vests

Men who prefer more open outfits can choose to wear cotton boxers with vests at night. The soft material of Boxers provides a cozy feeling during sleep.

Sleeping suits

Men from winter zones can also go for sleeping suits. They are usually made of sweat and quite comfortable to wear as sleepwear.

Sleepwear for women

Nightgown/ Nightie

These nightgowns come in several materials, designs, and patterns. You can find them in cotton, silk, satin, synthetic, etc. They are often ankle length and come in either with sleeves or off-sleeves. They satisfy the purpose of sleepwear for women as they have the following features,

  • They are designed to fit all body shapes and figures.
  • They are usually ankle-length.
  • They have a loose-stitch and free-fit for women’s comfort.
  • Cotton-nightie is made of soft fabric to suit the body temperature.

Pyjama sets for women

Pyjama sets for women exhibit the utmost style and comfort in the sleepwear industry. The sets usually come in either shirt-style tops or a U-neck top. They are mostly available in cotton, as the material is best suited during the night time.

The pyjama sets come in funky prints, patterns, and colours to ramp up the entire look. You can choose from the wide varieties available. They provide the ultimate comfort, a trendy look, and serve the purpose of nightwear for women as well.