When we talk about expenses, then NYC is one of the most expensive places to hop in.  Talking about the moving process, it is one of the most expensive activities here. Moving is a great mess and people usually think this variable should be solved themselves but then from the number of boxes to the packing material or other further details, it messes them up totally. So given below is the easiest way to sort things out. Basically, the best way to estimate how much moving costs in NYC for you is to understand how much these variables individually add to the cost of your move, and then you can further calculate yourself.


Moving costs depend on a number of different factors, but the best way to approximate your moving fees is your record. The rough price ranges in the New York City area is mentioned below:

·         STUDIO – $420 -$700

·         1 BEDROOM – $700 TO $1100

·         2 BEDROOM – $1100 – $1500

·         3 BEDROOM – $1500 AND UP


Basically when we talk about moving companies they try to charge their customers by the amount of time they have to spend working with them, and the perfect way for them to guess the time they’ll spend on a job is by finding out what are the things to be moved. Generally, volume can be a shortcut to estimate the amount of time it will take for a moving company to complete the task.


The stuff is present in your home needs to be packed up and then only it can be moved. Depending on what you are going to move, buying packing supplies for your belongings will be easy as you just would be requiring a few boxes and some tape. If you have more fragile items, packing paper, bubble wrap, and special boxes would also be a part of the list. Typically the rule of thumb states that one shelf or drawer in your home will fit into one regular moving box (medium/linen box) which means that a six-tiered bookshelf will basically require 6 boxes to pack fully.


This is a major criterion which is accounted into the NYC pricing for moving. Raw distance plays a part in this estimate, but so does traffic, convenience, and various other factors have to be counted. New York City is not the easiest place for a moving truck to get around, so a simple journey of a few miles can consume more time than usually expected.


NYC is known as a modern, progressive city, but a lot of its apartments are pretty old. A lot of these apartment buildings are “walk-ups”, meaning the units inside can only be accessed by walking upstairs. The stair travel is just a mild bother for day-to-day living, but on moving day it can become a difficult task. Professionals would actually charge up more if they have to go through the stairs to get your belonging as it is a tough job. So, in that case, one’s cost will get added up. These are the factors by which NYC estimates its cost of moving. However, you can always ask Movers NYC for free moving quotes and make sure that you have an estimate in hand to move under your set budget.