Generally, flipping and rotating mattresses are advisable, bringing more comfort in all seasons and extending its lifespan. As you know, a mattress is an expensive investment for 10+ years, obtaining good sleep and complete body rest.

Today, in this blog, we will be exploring how often you should flip or rotate your sleeping mattress with reasons too.

How Often Should Mattress Be Rotate and Flip?

Each mattress has its own type and specifications, so obviously, rotation and flipping are also different. You need to check the mattress brand or manufacturer, with guidelines on such.

Why Should Rotation Or Flipping Be Must And Suggested?

Sagging or deterioration is obvious when sleeping on the same mattress side for months; this gives your body pain and affects mattress quality support. To avoid sag in body and keep mattress maintained for years, rotating or flipping is a must.

How to Rotate And Flip Mattress?

Indeed, it’s not an everyday task to flip and rotate mattresses. They are heavy and big, which makes it challenging to move around. If you are unable to do it alone, then take help, and make it safer and easier.

Rotating Of Mattress:

Sounds easy, but you need to be careful. Keep other decor items, furniture, and other bedding things away. Lift the mattress, move it away from the headboard side, and put it clockwise around the bed. Just a 180-degree frame turn is worth.

Flipping Of Mattress:

To flip the mattress, lift it above the footboard and pull it away from the headboard. Now rotate it clockwise by 90 degrees. Raise the mattress onto its one side and slide it down towards the footboard and done with perfect alignment on the bed.

What Type Of Mattress Doesn’t Need Flipping?

Generally, almost all sleeping mattresses need flipping, but still, some of the type today don’t need that. Flipping helps in bearing body weight and maintaining the quality of sleeping mattress for years. To preserve the mattress’s structure and support, make sure of flipping and rotation, as suggested by the manufacturer as prior.

1. Memory Foam Mattress: These are aligned with layers of foam, delivering great comfort, and better sleep. Therefore the flip of sides of memory foam mattress will lead to material deterioration and discomfort both.

2. Pillow Top Innerspring Mattress: Such mattresses are designed with layers that bring maximum comfort and coziness. Flipping of these mattresses will lead to discomfort as you will sleep on the coil core. It will help loosen its plushness and compresses.

3. Hybrid Mattress: These mattresses are built with memory foam or comforting latex layers, with a coil support system. If you flip the hybrid mattress, it will crucially damage the comfort layers and even reduces the coil’s durability. Moreover, all bring zero comforts.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to preserve your body alignment and need better sleep, consider the rotation and flipping of the mattress suggested by the brand. You can pick the perfect comforting Sleepwell Durafirm Plus Mattress from the nearest Sleepwell Mattress Supplier. Do not miss to visit Mattress Dealers In Surya Nagar for authentic and genuine Sleepwell mattress at cost-efficient rates.