Influencers include well-known figures with millions of followers as well as lesser-known figures with a developing following. An Influencer is a person who has the power to influence the opinions or purchase decisions of other subjects through his own notoriety, position and influence he has towards a reference public.

It is important to underline that these individuals cannot simply be considered channels of communication but, rather, creators of social relationships that the companies they collaborate with tend to exploit, for a fee, to achieve their marketing and, therefore, sales objectives. .

How effective is it today to promote a product or a brand by relying on an influencer? What are the data of influencer marketing on Instagram? A study conducted of over two million posts on Instagram in 2018 tries to answer this and other questions related to influencer marketing in today’s most used social platform and Influencer hub. The study results show that Instagram influencer marketing in 2018 was booming. But, what about now? Is influencer marketing is still a profitable option for the businesses to invest in 2021-2022?

Benefits of Influencer Marketing to your business

  • Communication aimed at a targeted target of a possible clientele
  • Increase in credibility
  • Brand visibility
  • Increased visibility
  • Saving money
  • Interactive and empathic involvement with potential customers

It is also important not to choose your influencer only on the basis of the following, both in order not to run into scams and not to waste resources: it is obvious that the greater the size of the influencer, the greater its cost, first of all we must make sure then that he or she is speaking directly to a niche we are interested in. Only later will we be able to talk about greatness.

Because the majority of influencers utilize social media for their marketing efforts, bloggers and micro-influencers might be regarded the most active forms of influencers. These are the categories with the closest ties with their followers and the most direct engagement with users of social media. Companies and companies have begun to grasp their value, activating and executing more active kinds of social media marketing.

What about the Instagram as an Influencer marketing platform?

Instagram influencer marketing eliminates distance by bringing users closer to each company’s atmosphere and ideals through direct and evocative communication: this is why, as always in Social Media Marketing, a robust content strategy is essential.

Most of the Instagram Influencer agency promotes the brands or products using Instagram reels. The reels are similar to tales, but they have even more elements and effects, making them ideal for crafting complex material; they also function well in the Explore area, where a category dedicated to daily Top Reels is available. The maximum duration of the Reels (from 30 seconds to 1 minute) has recently been increased, as have the Analytics tools related to them. The remix option, which is also available for the Reels, is another feature that influencers like.

Despite the fact that they still have a significant market share in the industry, their function as an Influencer is sometimes overshadowed and eclipsed by other people who are even less well-known, particularly among the younger generations.