Everyone knows how frustrating it is waiting for power to come back on. All our work remains shelved and we have nothing to do. Many times, the work is an important time-sensitive work. To get out of the pickle like this one, we use the standby power supply unit. This involves the use of an inverter, a battery pack, and an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit.

Inverter capacity matches power need

You need a high-capacity inverter if your power needs are great. You can buy online high capacity inverter India at any store on the internet. You need to know how to make the selection though. It involves calculation of the power needs in your home or office. So, if you want to run three fans with a power rating of 80 watts each, you need 240 watts. Divide this by the power factor (to account for the efficiency loss) of say 0.8 and you have 300 watts.

That is the first step. The next one is to find out how long you need the power. So, if you need the power for 4½ hours. So, the energy needed is 1350 watt.hour and this we express as VA for the battery. You need a battery with the correct capacity. This battery can be a flat plate battery or a tubular battery. The tubular battery is costlier and has lesser positive plate shedding. The flat plate battery is more rugged and tolerates heat. So, it lasts longer.

Power calculation of the battery

If you divide the power need by the voltage you get the VA rating of the battery. So, 1350/12 = 112.5 VA is the needed battery capacity. You can choose a battery that supplies 135 VA as this will cover the need well. You need to understand that inverters do not have 100% efficiency. So, if you run your 80-watt fan it will only operate at 60-watt peak capacity. This will make the fan run slower. You can improve this efficiency by selecting a high capacity inverter online.

Use of a solar power grid

If you have a solar power grid, you can connect your UPS unit to it. This will help to charge the battery when you have sunlight and grid power. You need to use it only when there is a power outage and so it will remain at full power most of the time. You need to install the needed number of solar panels to get the desired power in your grid.

One square foot of solar panel generates about 30 kWh of power in one year. That is to say, a 10 W panel will give you 50 W of energy when you have 5 hours of sunlight. If you want to run an electrical device, you must read the rating first. It will have this type of marking 240V – 1.5 A. This means the current it draws is 1.5 Amperes. Or, the wattage will remain marked as 40 watts. You will need 4 panels to run the device. Solar panels charge the battery and you can draw power from the battery to run your device.