Heart attacks are a common cardiac ailment that is triggered as a result of several risk factors. With the advancing decades, the changing lifestyles of individuals include more such complications. As a result of which, countries are witnessing more cases of heart attacks every year. In the following article, we will discuss some of the risk factors associated with a heart attack. We will also talk about the treatment methods used by the best cardiologist in Pune.

Risk Factors Associated With Heart Attack

  • Increased Blood Pressure (BP)

High BP is one of the critical risk factors associated with most cardiological ailments, heart attack being the primary one. As the name suggests, it is the condition when the pressure of blood in the arteries is higher than average, and it needs to be brought to normal levels to prevent the other organs of the body from getting affected.

High BP generally reflects no symptoms, so it is advised that adults get their blood pressure checked regularly. Doctors prescribe certain medicines to normalise the blood pressure level.

  • High Cholesterol Levels In Blood

We often come across the ‘cholesterol free’ or ‘low cholesterol’ tagline along with packaged food. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is secreted by the liver and is found in certain foods. Higher cholesterol levels often lead to deposition in the walls of arteries, including the heart’s blood vessels.

The narrowing of blood vessels leads typically to a decrease in blood flow to the body’s other organs. Again, not all cholesterols are bad for your body, i.e., low-density lipoproteins are identified as bad cholesterol and high-density lipoproteins as good ones.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin, which is essential for breaking the glucose molecules into energy. A diabetic person’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin for them to perform its function normally. Also, it leads to sugar deposition in blood vessels due to high glucose levels in the blood.

Fortunately, you can control diabetes by bringing about specific lifestyle changes and avoiding foods with high sugar and glucose content.

  • Obesity

Obesity is another common health condition that results in an abnormally increased body weight due to high levels of fat in the body. It is medically associated with bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels known for lowering the levels of good cholesterol.

Obesity can be avoided and treated as well, that too, without going for medical treatments—regular exercise and consuming low-fat food help curb obesity. Giving up the sedentary lifestyle and adhering to an active one also helps.

Heart Attack Treatment In Pune

Pune is an old state in Maharashtra that is home to a considerable population of the state. Many experts and cardiologists in the city provide satisfactory treatment of heart attack and other cardiological conditions.

Some of the treatment methods used by the best cardiologists in Pune are dedicated medication, cardiac catheterisation, balloon angioplasty, and stent placement. Among these, medication is the most widely used procedure, which involves allopathy medicines with defined doses.

Next is cardiac catheterisation, a surgical option in which the blocked or narrowed arteries are opened. In balloon angioplasty, a balloon-tipped catheter is inserted in the blocked blood vessel. It is generally inflated to press the plaque outward and open the artery, thereby improving the blood flow.

Finally, stent placement is the procedure in which a catheter is used to prop open the artery. A stent is left inside the artery, made of a material that gets absorbed with time.

Online Doctor Consultation

Are you wondering whether an online doctor consultation helps or not? You should know that more people are opting for this method these days as there are no limitations regarding doctor availability, transportation, and lack of time.

The procedure of booking an online appointment is quite simple. All you need to do is download the dedicated app like the one by Bajaj Finserv Health, register yourself, look for the best cardiologists, book an online doctor consultation, and talk with your doctor. Also, these apps provide several other features like test booking, medical check-ups, and pharmacy.


Heart attack is undoubtedly a severe condition, but you can considerably minimise the danger with timely treatment and a preventive lifestyle. With the changing tides in medical practice processes, a lot of things are going digital, and medical consultation tops the charts.

Through online consultations, you get to interact with the best cardiologist in Puneor any other place virtually, without much hassle regarding appointments. Therefore, to bring incredible healthcare facilities on the tip of your fingers, download the Bajaj Finserv Health app today!