Do you wish to create a home that you will never want to leave?

Feeling good in your space requires some changes here and there. But it is not much difficult. You will be amazed to know that some easy home design tips are all it takes to make your home literally a heaven on earth!

You may be moving into your new abode, or the current one might not feel nice anymore. Or, you may want to design a rented space to make it feel inviting. You can do several things to make your living space aesthetically appealing and comfortable.

With such an abundance of ideas available on Pinterest and other social media forums, it is hard to decide what kind of look is the best for your home.

We get confused between classic and contemporary paint colors, flooring, upholstery, and interior design of every room. Therefore, we have come up with some surefire ways to spruce up your home that can never go wrong.

When it’s time to feel cozy and relaxed, you need your home the most. Read on to know how to make it more welcoming and beautiful.

Cleanliness And Organization

An inviting home is always tidy and uncluttered. It feels hard to keep every corner of your house spic and span, but it becomes more comfortable if you clean in an organized way.

Firstly, declutter your whole house. Make a proper schedule to clean every space and stick to it. Daily cleaning should include vacuuming the carpets, removing dust, and mopping floors. Also, deep clean and organize one room every other week to lessen daily chores. The best tip is to clean as you go and designate a space for everything. In this way, there will be no clutter to remove, and daily cleaning will be easier.

Organization hacks for your cupboards, kitchen, and storage areas are a lifesaver. Use tips like color coding, labels, and baskets to stay organized. Keep a basket of cleaning essentials handy for easy access each time a spill or scattering occurs.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism in all areas of life is all the rage these days. Interior design is no exception. Smartly using less space and getting rid of extra, useless things has many benefits. It saves a lot of space, money, and your precious time as cleaning becomes a breeze. It also feels liberating as you do not feel overwhelmed with clutter anymore.

You can also use minimalist design by imaging your home as a clean slate and planning the essentials only. Let go of the things that do not bring you happiness and occupy valuable space. The lights, furniture, rugs, and decor should be chosen wisely so that every inch of space is used purposefully.

Minimalism isn’t only for the living room and bedrooms. Your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and even your entry passage can be designed using minimalism.

Update Your Kitchen Design

After our bedroom, most of our time is spent in the kitchen. If your kitchen’s ambiance is refreshing, you will feel energized even while doing your daily chores.

We suggest you add some personality to your kitchen by using patterned wallpapers. For the cupboards, you can use bold colors like navy blue, ombre, or teal for a lively feel. Glass paned front doors on the cabinets are trending nowadays. If you wish to change fixtures, use pendant lights to add a charm.

If space allows, you can use plates, money plant jars, and cheerful artwork on your kitchen walls for visual interest.

If you wish to customize your kitchen, you can take some design inspiration from professional kitchen remodeling Round Rock, TX. With the flooring, cabinet designs, and kitchen tops, everything can be spruced up according to the latest trends and your preferences.

Install Soft Lighting

Although you should design your home so that maximum sunlight gets in, there is a need for adequate lighting once the sunsets.

Lighting ties the whole interior design together. You can change how your living space feels just by changing the lights. Soft lights can turn your home into an ultimate comfort zone. You can also use string lights at specific places in your house where you spend leisure time, like in the corner of the bedroom where your armchair or swing is placed. You can also use them in a reading nook or the garden.

For softer lighting, use light-diffusing lamp shades or dimmer switches for ease.

Make Use Of Appealing Color Contrasts

Colors have a substantial impact on human psychology. Some colors bring calmness and happy vibes, while some can be quite disturbing. Choose wisely as you have to live with the colors for a long time. For your walls, decide upon a color contrast that will add harmony to the interior. Some popular color contrasts for a welcoming home are blue and white, teal and pastel pink, and red and green.

Add Charm With Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is believed to bring positive vibes to a house. The primary purpose of Fen Shui is to bring balance and harmony between different elements. The ways to use feng shui in your home are very simple.

Principles in feng shui include integrating vertical designs like a tree, vertical shelves, or hanging lights. They also include keeping the entryway clutter-free, the ability to see the door when lying in bed or using your desk, and using plants for decor.

Use Nature For Decor

Bringing the natural beauty from outside will instantly spruce up the look and feel of your home. Indoor plants can be placed in the room’s corners, on the window sills, and in your entryway. Choose plants that purify the ar so that you can get an added benefit along with beautiful decor.

The best indoor plants are the rubber plant, spider plant, the ZZ plant, and peace lily.

Other beautiful things that Mother Nature has blessed us with are rocks and seashells. They are considered a worthy decor item and look very appealing.

Create a Fragrant Atmosphere

Making your home heaven includes filling it with a scent that enhances its aura and changes our mood. Scented candles, fresh flowers from your garden, and potpourri in decorative bowls are an excellent source of mild fragrance. You can also use commercial air freshener sprays, but they don’t last long.

If guests are about to arrive, use a diffuser with an essential oil so that the smell lingers for a long time. Also, pay attention to the garbage disposal and trash can as they will give off a horrible smell if not thoroughly cleaned.

Summing Up

Our home reflects our personalities. If it is designed intelligently, it saves valuable space and resources. It will become an enjoyable and memorable place

If you try any of these tips to transform your home, your home can be appealing, irresistible, warm, and cozy.