Whatever you call it a living room, gathering room, family room or a den, it’s the treasured space that depicts your entire decorating style. So, it must be lively and stylish. But it doesn’t mean that you need to renovate or change each and everything in the living room. You can make a huge difference with little changes and simple room makeovers, without breaking the bank. Here are some livable and modern decorating ideas for a living room that call for little money and add instant style to your place.


A fresh paint can instantly transform the boring room into the lively one. It is one of the cheapest and easiest living room decoration ideas. Consider painting your living room  with fresh and bold color or you can also set a color theme match with your furniture. For the smaller space, consider painting one bright colored wall and giving a soft or neutral paint coat to the rest of the walls. Choose a bright color that looks fresh and immediately changes the mood.

Canvas The Area

Wall art is the simplest and best makeover. It  is one of the easiest and budget friendly  decorating ideas for living room. Consider hanging canvases painted with interior latex paint that brighten up the blank walls. Hang impressive and unique wall art and let your walls do the talking. From floral to abstract, choose beautiful canvases according to your taste to make a bold statement in your home decor.

Place A Chic Coffee Table

Your coffee table is a focal point that attracts the guest. Glass coffee tables are trendy and add sophistication. If glass is not your choice, then stylish  wooden or stone topped table is the best replacement glass option. A stunning and inexpensive stone topped table will look super luxe in the living room.

Showcase Your Collection

Gather the beautiful vases, jars, candles and some antique pieces you may have. Showcase all those vases, candles or all other objects on the shelves and side tables. You can also use the fireplace (when it goes unlit) to display these things. Staying in a simple palette, choose different heights and shapes that will take your living room decor to the next level.

Add Plants and Go Natural

By adding some plants and flowers, you can make your living room more lively and interesting. You can hang some plants near the window or place in an empty corner in the living room, adding some new dimensions to interior. You can also use other natural things like shells, stones and beach bounty to decorate your living room.

Touch Of Trend

Update your living room with stylish and trendy objects and colors. Keeping in mind the season and colors, give your pillows and cushions a new makeover. Choose colors and patterns that give a fresh and lively look to your living room. If you want to add more character, place a rug and hang curtains matching with  the pattern or color theme.