Hiring Welfare Vans for a construction site is an essential task for those who are willing to provide their employees with a well-being, healthy, and safe work environment. Welfare facility helps employees be more productive because they will be able to rest, obtain food, and more. 

However, before you go to welfare vans for hire, you must know what types of welfare facilities you should keep on your construction site. According to the LAE Welfare Solution’s experts, here are welfare facilities your employees need on the construction site:

Rest area

After hours of work, what if your employees do not have a place where they can sit and have their lunch on-site? They will have to go for a place hunt to take a rest. It will consume more time and affect your employees’ work productivity because of a lack of rest.

On the other hand, if you have a welfare van like LAE’s 15-Man Canteen Welfare Van, your employees will not have to waste their free time searching for an area. With LAE’s welfare van service, your workers will get a suitable place to rest and have lunch.

Provide changing facilities

When workers have to work on a construction site, they have to wear special clothing to maintain safety while working. But what if they don’t have a place where they can change their clothes and place their belonging safely. They will have to face security hassles that no one wants. That is why the LAE Welfare solution offers welfare vans equipped with safety lockers. So, your employees will not have to worry about their belonging while working on the site. We also deliver customized vans that will be suitable for your requirements. And if you want a sticker on the van, inform us. We will install your company’s sticker without any delay.

Water And Washing

Water is an essential part of human lives, whether for drinking or cleaning. And when we talk about the construction site, you will notice that employees will need drinking and cleaning water all the time. That is why you should have a welfare unit that can provide you water facility, whether you need water for drinking or cleaning up. By keeping this in mind, LAE Welfare Solution offers a wide range of welfare units with kitchens, drinking water, bathroom, and other facilities. So that you workers won’t have to face any issues while working on the construction sites. 


Whether working on a construction site or anywhere else for hours, everyone needs to use the restroom from time to time. But what if you won’t have a bathroom to use? What will you do? You will need to hire a welfare van with a pump-out toilet so that your employees will use the toilet to maintain hygiene standards.

But keep in mind that bathrooms should be well maintained, ventilated, clean, adequately lit, and contain toilet paper. Also, when we talk about female toilets, keep in mind that female units should have sanitary waste bins so that they won’t have any hassle. Also, the toilets should be nearby so that your workers won’t have to walk too far.

If you are willing to hire a welfare van or want to learn more about LAE Welfare Solution’s services, feel free to contact our team anytime. Our team will be happy to heal you. Visit LAE Welfare Solution’s website today.