India, refrigerators are a staple in all households. The role they play is tantamount to living itself, and since buying a model requires significant investment, consumers want to make sure that it’s the best refrigerator. If you have a relatively small family, a single door refrigerator will serve you well.

Nonetheless, most Indian consumers opt for the double door variety, which has separate sections for refrigeration and freezing. This is understandable, as the average Indian family consists of 4 to 6 members (many people live in a joint family). Several refrigerator brands in the market offer double door fridges, and these have become extremely popular, so much so that some stores have stopped stocking the single door type models.

Which variant is better?

As with any and all appliances that you buy, you make a very personal choice about what you want and what you need. If you think space is a constraint, you may want to buy a single door refrigerator, as they come in smaller sizes and capacities of 50 to 250 litres. Double-door refrigerators have larger capacities, starting from 235 litres, going up to almost 600 litres or more. You will need more space for a double door model, considering the size and thickness of the door (especially when it opens).

Single door refrigerators consume less energy due to their small capacity and their relatively cheaper direct cooling system. Nevertheless, frost free technology, in the best refrigerator of the double door variant consumes more energy, but works more efficiently.

Most double door refrigerators have star ratings of 3 or 4 for energy efficiency, and this can cut down your power bills significantly. Defrosting happens automatically, and there is no manual work involved (as in some single door refrigerators). There will be no ice collection in a double door refrigerator.

In fridge double door models stand out as they have top-of-the-line cooling technology, and the latest aesthetic features. With demands constantly increasing in families, even smaller families require these advanced models. Frost-free refrigerators keep food fresh for longer periods, as there is evenly distributed cool air.

Though this causes the refrigerator to heat up, there is no worry of overheating. The coil of the refrigerator is covered so that no rusting of the coil occurs. Flexible shelves with easily-cleanable surfaces enable you to remove parts easily and maintain your refrigerator properly.

The best double door refrigerators

The best refrigerator of the double door variety in India today comes with inverter technology. Inverter compressors run at different temperatures according to the loads inside the refrigerator, and create cooling accordingly. The compressor automatically detects that the temperature has dropped below a certain level, and adjusts itself to work at a lower level. Powering up when the temperature rises, the compressor cools the interior more. This ability of the compressor to manage cooling in the refrigerator’s interior saves a substantial amount of power — by almost 30%.

In the long run, this will matter. Some excellent models, with the latest technology and features you will love come from brands like Samsung (324L 3-star Inverter Frost Free Double Door), LG (260L 3-star Frost Free Double Door), Haier (320L 2-star Inverter Frost Free Double Door) and Whirlpool (265L 3-star Inverter Frost Free Double Door). High-end brands like Hitachi, Panasonic and Bosch also manufacture refrigerators that meet the high global standards.

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