Nowadays smart homes are the talking point all over the world. So much so that people may not want to leave them in the future since they have everything in there. Some people have the chance to work from their homes thanks to technology, but now things have become more amazing.

We always tend to think on what is next. What are the other innovations that are awaiting us in the next 12 months? We used to ask ourselves the same question years ago, but the question was what innovations are we going to have in a ten years’ time? – but things are advancing so much we do not count anymore.

People were amazed with new smart phones, smart watches and even smart cars. People never imagined that the smart phone would be made not just for communicating but for searching the web, taking high definition pictures and more. Smart watches that can track your walk, jogging or running, or there are cars that do not need a key to start. Smart home technologies have been the most outstanding piece of news that we have got. People can do everything from their homes like work, study, purchase, attend meetings, get doctor appointments, watch high definition movies, and many more such activities.

If you are reading this, you may be thinking about what kind of home we are talking about. Well, we are talking about the house of your dreams, a house where you can spend the perfect weekend.

Have you ever imagined a house with…?

  • Home theatre: The best cinema system to watch your favourite movies or favourite series.
  • Multiroom audio: The highest resolution audio to listen to music all day long while working.
  • Lighting Control: A house where lights can be adapted depending on the scene or your own mood.
  • Access control: You can control your house security system for visitors or un-welcomed people.
  • Alarms: Your house is safe with the alarm system for fires or breaking in
  • Smart Wiring: Who can live without internet in such sophisticated house?
  • Systems that can be control from your smart phones and apps.
  • High definition or 4k video for watching your favourite team games, movies, and programs.

Your kids would love to have a place like this to live in. A place where they can enjoy everything technology can give them, a place, where security is at its maximum level, a house where you can play some music in one room and you can listen to it all around the house.

Automation Associates in NZ can offer you the best products to have the most comfortable technologically upgraded house. They offer you the best team of architects that can help you out when building your own house, and the designers who can also help you out with the latest technology equipment for your house. It is time for you to walk hand in hand with technology. Be one of the luckiest people who owns a smart home where visitors can enjoy the latest technology in every room.