What is the first thought that strikes your mind when you hear the word ‘blender’? People love to refresh their brain and body with the tranquilizing taste of a smoothie made fresh out of a blender. Not only it tastes delicious but the energy boost that you get after its consumption is magnificent. Therefore, people love to have a serving of smoothies before and after work out. It takes care of your calorific requirement without compromising the glucose stores in your body. One smoothie, once a day will make your diet even healthier than before. Therefore, if you are a diet conscious person, having a smoothie blender would be the perfect idea. Here are the top 5 best quality smoothie blenders of 2020:

1. Vitamix series professional blender:

The Vitamix blender is a professional grade blender. It is ideal to use in households, restaurants, and bar set-ups as well. It has a powerful motor of 750 watts that makes this blender a versatile one. It mixes up all the ingredients within a few seconds into fine texture. You will never complain of lumps of fruits and veggies in the smoothie. Also, it has a jar measuring 64 ounce that is enough for multiple servings. It has multiple speed control settings. Therefore, you can readily blend different ingredients irrespective of their texture.

2. Ninja professional blender:

The Ninja professional-grade blender is the second most favorable smoothie blender in our list. It has a high-efficiency motor of 1500 watts that makes it superb for crushing ice and dry fruits. It contains a pitcher, bowl, smoothie cups, and lid. The pitcher has a volume of 72 ounces that can suffice the entire family. Smoothie cups make it easier to consume the drink without the need for any other glass.

3. Magic bullet blender:

If you want to get refreshing drinks that soothe your stomach, we have an excellent option for you. The magic bullet blenders are premium options to include in your kitchen. Their looks and functionality go hand in hand. The premium bullet shaped blenders do not consume your kitchen’s space and give you chilling smoothies every day. The price of the product is right for its quality.

4. Nutribullet pro blender:

Nutribullet blenders have a renowned name in the market among all the blenders. Making a smoothie in this blender is easier than ever. It comes with two smoothie glasses that also act as the pitcher/mixer. The powerful motor of 900watts can readily blend hard ingredients and crush ice also. It has various varieties in colors so that you can readily select your favorite one.

5. Oster pro blender:

The Oster pro blenders have premium control settings that are rare to find in most of the smoothie blenders. It comes with seven-speed settings and three pre-program settings to readily prepare the smoothie. The dual direction blades create a perfect blend.


Buying a decent quality smoothie blender is a great deal for every person. If you have not yet included the habit of consuming smoothies, make sure you do. You will see a change in your metabolism and digestion. We hope that we have cleared all the necessary points about the top 5 blenders of 2020. Hoping that you can decide upon one of the best blenders according to your need, we sum up the article here. Happy shopping!