Company formation in Dubai is one of the major reasons that lure investors to the city. However, apart from the basic understanding of company formation in Dubai, there are some important things to know before forming a company in Dubai.

During the process of company registration in Dubai, you must be aware of the problems that may arise and contemplate the need for guidance through a company formation service provider in Dubai. Nevertheless, to get a quick understanding to refer the important things you need to know before forming a company in Dubai.

Here are the important things you need to know before forming a company in Dubai:

  1. Get the License: You know the market, your target audience, your product or service but do not consider starting your business in Dubai before you understand the business licensing process in Dubai. Dubai, as well as the other parts of UAE are firm with regards to business licensing procedures and company registration in Dubai. While they categorically mark every company under industrial, commercial and professional business activities, there can be constraints for some business entities. Speak to an expert before you opt for a business license in Dubai, UAE.


  1. Get into Banking: To open and manage a current account is quite simple and most of the banks in Dubai and across the UAE offer specialized services. Nonetheless to avoid unnecessary costs double check the banking structure your company may require, banking details, the charges levied by the bank and the minimum balance requirement for your account. A business setup consultant in Dubai can advise you to choose the right bank and give you a go ahead.


  1. Rent an office space: From flexi-desk to small and executive offices, from warehouses, lands, plots to premade industrial setups. Renting an office space is a must requirement when you plan to start a company in Dubai. There are other ways through which you can compensate for the renting part and save a lot of money, speak to a business setup consultant to understand in detail.


  1. Need of a commercial space: The commercial space must be considered before forming a company in Dubai as it is crucial element of business setup and aids other relevant documents. This is the reason why a commercial place is made a compulsion by the authorities for starting a company in Dubai. There are mainly three important factors for doing this – 1) It is a subject of matter if you are deemed to a particular economic zone 2) to register a company and  get aided permissions the renting documents are required 3) having an office space also will make it clear on the type of registration you would like to apply.


  1. Decide the ‘Number’ of Employees: Before starting a company in Dubai you are likely to decide the number of employees you are willing to appoint. But when in Dubai give a special consideration to the ‘number’ of employees, as you will be allowed to appoint a limited number of people. Depending on the type of business activity you have, the license you have applied for and the circumference of your office – the limit of employees will be allocated to you.


  1. Get firsthand information: Do not rely everything you read on the internet, even though you are reading this article! Staring a business in Dubai is a huge decision hence it is extensively encouraged to get information first-handed. We are an era wherein information is readily available, even the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED), various governmental organizations and other related judicial institutes offer E-services. These are undoubtedly beneficial, but before getting into the market, speaking to businessmen, an expert advisor or a business setup consultant in Dubai – who can analyze and provide you personalized directive to start your business in Dubai.

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