Most golfers wear their standard, polarized or photo chromatic lenses when playing the sport, but the advanced technology embedded into new golf sunglasses are not common and are only found in some of the more expensive brands. Many golfers use their regular golf sunglasses during play, but the advanced technology incorporated in golf sunglasses makes use of large, custom lenses for better peripheral vision and reduces distortion of the view on your lower half of your lenses.

As we all know, a golf tip is the one tip you will be able to use to help you score more points when playing. But what is a golf tip and how do you use it to improve your game? Well, the most basic golf tip is to pay attention to the course you are playing on. It is a very simple concept, but many golfers simply do not take notice to the detail they are seeing. When the course is flat, you will be able to hit your ball straight and with ease, but as soon as the course starts to curve it becomes harder to get your ball to land where you want it to. Another basic golf tip is to use your head while you are looking for your golf ball. If you use your head while you are looking for your ball, it will allow you to see the holes that you should be looking at to make your next shot. You can also use golf sunglasses for better results.

Never look right to the sun

Another golf tip that most golfers forget is to make sure that you are playing at an appropriate height to get your ball to stay on the ground. In order to do this, it is important that you know the proper height to stand when you are hitting your ball. When standing in the proper height, your club head will have a clear path to hit your ball as you travel down the fairway. Another golf tip is to never look right into the sun when you are golfing. The sun’s rays will distort your vision and will actually blind you from the exact direction you want to swing your club. It is recommended that you do not look directly into the sun’s rays because when you do so, you will have less peripheral vision and will have a hard time seeing any obstacles you might be approaching.

Always use golf sunglasses

Yet another golf tip is to use your left hand to hold your golf club as you swing your club. This helps your left hand to keep your club from bending when you are swinging and keeps you from accidentally hitting the club into the air. This golf tip also ensures that you do not get your golf club stuck in the ground when you are in the sand. One more golf tip is to try to wear golf sunglasses that offer UV protection. While they are good to use in bright sunlight, they can also protect you from the sun in case of a cloudy day. A great option would be the new Ray Ban brand sunglass which offers 100% UVA/UVB protection.

These are just some of the most basic tips, but golf is such a competitive sport, that it will be important to learn other golf tips that will help you improve your game. In order to find the most effective golf tip for you, talk to someone who is familiar with the sport you are playing. You should also talk to the pro’s, ask them for a few suggestions. After learning these simple tips, you will be able to choose the best golf sunglasses that can enhance your game. The most popular brands that are available are Ray Ban, Nike, Oakley and others.

Final words

Always keep in mind the golf tip above, as well as the other tips. When you are playing golf, your goal is to keep your eyes closed and make sure that your club head stays straight as you swing your club. If you keep these golf tips in mind, you will notice that your game will improve over time. One last thing to remember is that no matter what type of game you play, sunglasses are a very important thing to wear. When you are a beginner, you may not realize this but it can turn out to be an important decision that you make when you start to play seriously.