Even some the best dressed men with a large wardrobe may not have more than a few shoes in his closet. Few men actually understand or buy designer footwear for men; but they spend more on generic product designs from retail brands. This is a common trend, since men are typically less fascinated about a large footwear collection; and most wear what is comfortable or needed for the purpose. However, if you are a man of fine tastes, and like to dress well however; here are 10 distinct types of shoes every man should have in closet –

1: Keep a few simple orthodox leather shoes which can entirely sharpen your attire and presentation. These are usually uni-color leather shoes like oxfords or derby shoes; and are only well suited with a tie around your neck. However, these are not very comfortable when walking down a road; but more of a necessity of professional and urban life!

2: When buying stylish men’s footwear online, look for exclusive designer products which are orthodox designs with some flair and color. These are the best footwear for corporate parties, club or alumni meetings, as well as social events where you need to maintain some essence of formality; but also wish to add vibrant personality. These days, Indian ethic patterns on classic western shoes like brogues and derbies are extremely popular.

3: Never forget to buy at least one pair of sneakers. Sometimes, merely having bought proper sports shoes is an inspiration to work out. If you are regular with your fitness, remember that gym shoes and running shoes are actually different. Running shoes have extra heel and toe support; while gym shoes have ventilation passages to let your feet breathe more!

4: Buy a pair of eccentrically fashionable designer loafers for the wild party nights. These types of shoes are typically handcrafted, so you can even have them made to order! If you’re looking for the right places to buy designer footwear for men, look for a specialist shoemaker and designer with some truly exciting patterns and designs for men and women.

5: The right kind of sandals and chappals would be an essential part of any smart man’s footwear collection. However, since most of your feet will be exposed; please get a proper pedicure before you wear them to a family occasion or public invitation. You can find a few niche boutiques in India to buy men’s footwear online; but make sure you spend on authentic handcrafted designer Kolhapuri styles, and genuine fabric or leather products.

6: Apart from leather or fabric material kolhapuris, every man should also buy basic waterproof strapped sandals. These are actually to protect your (more expensive) handcrafted designer shoes and sandals! Wear thick soled ‘kitos’ or ‘Hawaii’ to work on a flooded day; and switch to your actual footwear when you have reached office! These are quite cheap, and you can even a have a few spare ones lying around for others to borrow.

7: If you are an avid outdoors man, you should know that thin soled sneakers or boots are not the best footwear for trekking long hours. They are also likely to slip on rocks or gravel if it’s wet. You need thick rubber soled shoes with deep grooves and a strong grip. These are also great for walking busy streets and markets. Keep a pair of these if you’re active and adventurous – just in case nature needs exploring!

8: After discussing a whole list of practical footwear; let’s talk of some high fashion, especially since there are few options when it comes to buying men’s footwear online. Brogues are one of the more simple “classic” shoe designs, which can be handcrafted in a range of unique patterns. Make sure the manufacturer provides the necessary quality guarantees on the genuine leather or fabric materials; and always read the return and refund policy carefully.

9: Loafers are also a very versatile design when it comes to designer footwear for men. It is lace-less; and hence can even be worn with kurtas or sherwanis if you want fully covered feet. Some of the top designers have exclusive pattern options like Mughal styles or Pathani styles which are meant to be worn with ethnic wear or party wear!

10: If you buy designer footwear for men as a collector; this final one is especially for you! While Padukas are extremely fashionable and quite unique; few men can carry off such a careful look. These simple non-strap sandals are difficult to wear gracefully; buy if you can carry it well, Indian designers have some amazing styles to select from. Padukas go great as beachwear or lounge wear; and are extremely comfortable when you’re used to them!

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