Regardless of how skeptic you are of Horoscope and Astrology, but you got to admit that these things are dead accurate, especially when it comes to love and relationships. So if we go by that notion, get this – Dating a Taurus is an experience in itself. You get to feel things you’ve never felt before, in a good way of course. As an Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, it makes them probably the most passionate, romantic and sensual individuals in the entire zodiac.

Taurus have everything that makes them an excellent partner and if you’re still not convinced, then take a read through these following points that will definitely make up your mind about dating a Taurus individual:

  • They are Calm and Composed  

We bet you people just rolled your eyes. Taurus, and calm, how is that even possible! But here’s the newsflash guys – the bulls are not huffy at all. The flying tempers you ask, are rare occurrences. Taureans are happy go lucky kinda people. Very easy to get along and definitely not edgy. You are going to have the time of your life with them.

  • They love Adventure

Taureans are homebody, but that’s mainly because they are way too invested in their home. One needs something beyond extraordinary to drag them out. A week-long excursion to Guatemala, or hitchhiking through Mexico would work. They have a knack for adventure and visiting exotic locations is something that they will never refuse to.  What a great quality to have in a partner.

  • Taurus are dedicated

When Taurus are after something, there’s no stopping them. Even in the toughest situations when rejections and disappointment keep coming their way, they won’t give up. If anything, failures make them even stronger. No matter what people are saying or how difficult the circumstances are, they’ll find their way out. Taureans are indeed bull-headed.

  • Taurus are dead loyal

If a Taurus individual has made a commitment, then rest assured he/she is in for good. If by any chance a Taurus does not find itself compatible with its partner, it will not waste a minute. Maybe that’s why they don’t get into too many relationships. Always remember, if a Taurus says he/she is into you, it means that they are certainly in love.

  • Taurus are great intellects

Be it writing, painting, enacting, or expression through music, a Taurus will always be creative. All the classy qualities that you ever wanted in a partner, Taurus have it all. And if you have the same taste as them, boy oh boy, you’re in for a treat. They’re always eager to learn and one could hardly find them sitting idle in a corner.

  • They carry themselves well

A Taurus individual would always be into its looks. They value elegance way too much. You would never see a Taurean dressed anything but perfectly. They want people to notice them and for their partner, they would go to any lengths just to get admired. Imagine dating someone who’s always party ready.

  • They’re funny

Either it’s a man or a woman, a Taurus always knows how to come up with something fun. They kill it with their sense of humor and have a crazy ability to cut one loose especially when you least expect it. They are fun loving and exciting individuals who can uplift your spirit anytime. They’re no clowns but rest assured you’ll be laughing your eyes out when they’re around.

  • They are practical

They have both their feet perfectly landed on to the ground and you would rarely find them planning anything out of their reach. They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, their approach to life is realistic and practical. If you’re looking to settle down with a Taurus, be certain they’ll bring stability to your relationship.

  • You can always count on them

Although Taurus are a bit stubborn but they know their way around things more than often. They are very dependable and you can confide in them without a second thought. They’re the people who will never let your secret out to anyone. If a Taurus has made you a promise, don’t worry, then they will live up to every word of it.

  • They respect family values

For Taurus, family always comes first. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones no matter how preoccupied they are. They’re marriage material kind of people and if you’re looking to settle down with a Taurus, don’t think too much and just go with it. These individuals never disappoint.


Having someone at your side who you can trust and bank upon gives a whole new meaning to life. Taurus being that someone is like icing on the cake.