Bodybuilders frequently research how they can block estrogen thanks to the amount of testosterone that their lifestyle generates. They try using quality estrogen blockers like Arimidex 1 mg to help in preventing gynecomastia, or the male breast’s dramatic inflammation. There are some products out there that are capable of helping to prevent estrogen buildup in any bodybuilding routine. This article offers a few prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) products that you can actually find.

1. Novadex

This is usually utilized by bodybuilders as an active PCT or post cycle treatment. Nevertheless, this happens to be an inaccurate utilization of the product as that isn’t what it was actually meant to treat. While it is similar in constitution to Anastrozole, it should be utilized in the same context for decreasing estrogen in men that are suffering from gynecomastia, or even women that potentially have breast cancer and are looking for a pre-treatment.

2. Arimidex

The generic name for this product is Anastrozole. It was initially created to help ladies that were suffering from breast cancer. Essentially, it’s a fact that’s well known that the cause of breast cancer or the masses of lumps it generates are, brought about by a rise in the production estrogen. The belief was that if a person could effectively block the estrogen, then there would be a significant decrease in the number of those that became victims to cancer. Even though several individuals continue to buy steroids online for this reason, as a matter of fact, the theory hasn’t been proven but it was known that 65% of ladies that were treated using Anastrozole or some variation of the compound ended up not developing the disease.

3. OTC (over the counter) estrogen blockers

There are a couple of estrogen blockers like DIM or EstroBlox. Nevertheless, the basic element you should be looking for should be the natural ingredients of estrogen blockers that, is contained by every product. This is to help you in establishing which option is most appropriate for you. Firstly, you might want to look whether it contains pomegranate powder, dijndolyl methane, as well as tonkatali. Nevertheless, if you happen to be seeking a completely organic estrogen blocker, then the second compound will have to be taken out because it’s a product that’s synthesized and not gotten from pure nature.

Before using any estrogen blocker, make sure that you review the goals of your workout. Are you looking to gain muscle mass? If that is so, then these products might end up not helping you much. This is because blocking estrogen happens to not necessarily enhance testosterone. If you happen to be looking to enhance testosterone, then what you need is a test booster rather than an estrogen blocker.

If you feel that you actually desire to block estrogen as a bodybuilder, then it is sometimes recommended that you should first start with an OTC rather than prescription options like Arimidex 1 mg. Nevertheless, if it happens to be an emergency, then talk to your doctor to discuss treatment options for gynecomastia. He will then go on to recommend the prescriptions he feels will be most appropriate for your individual case.