So many of us are so obsessed with animated series in today’s time. There’s nothing better than a group of childhood friends sitting together and discussing old Dragon Ball Z memories, what more can they think of than switching off the animated series, and laughing out about the best memories?

Anime series are all-time favourites, and when you are an animation addict you just can’t stop yourselves from watching everything on this list of freaking amazing shows with your friends. Just grab a glass of good cold beer and prepare yourself with a night full of laughter.

 If you are currently looking for a mind-blowing adult animated show or relaxing and chilling cartoons, here we have every category covered. So, let’s talk about the best cartoons we can look out for on Netflix. 

Let’s get back to business, and let us take you on a ride through an animated world, dimension and time. Sit back or lie down, but select the best comfy posture because it’s time to take off and land into the world of adventure, laughs, and only laughs.

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Netflix offers a wide range of animated adult and cartoon shows, we understand it’s difficult to choose one from so many. So, here we chose some of our favourites that will help you kickstart your week with a bang.


Are you all old B-TECH college buddies, or just people who have a knack for science and technology?  If yes, you will definitely be fond of this animated series. You have probably watched Johnny Test earlier, Johnny Test Reboot series is a complete revamp of this old animated cartoon from the childhood days. Its revival has caused a bang with its release this July, you won’t regret watching it. As per The Next Hint’s report, season 7 of johnny test reboot is expected to stream on netflix in 2021.


It is an American animated series that talks about a space caster show that takes a big roundabout with the whole trippy world exploring some existential questions about death, life and deals with everything which happens in between. The show got some amazing responses and was even trending on Netflix back in 2020.

  1. NARUTO 

It’s the apple of all anime lovers’ eyes. This ninja-inspired Japanese anime series consists of 9 seasons. The series revolves around some fantasy, comedy, adventure and martial arts when a ninja named Naruto dreams of becoming hokage. The web series launched in 2002 on Netflix, and it has been loved by all generations ever since. 

  1. HILDA 

Hilda is trending on the best cartoon list on Netflix. The mysterious, comedic, and fantastical drama series takes a series of twists and turns that will be enjoyed by both adults and children. After the tremendous result of season 1, they are soon launching a second season which will be aired in 2021 itself.


If you love watching scary horror movies, this can be one of the shows you watch. The series has been turned from Japanese manga to anime. As the name states, Death Note is not actually about guts and blood, it is more of a psychological thriller where a teen boy finds a supernatural notebook. However, this might get a bit monotonous at the time of the climax.


Woooh! We’ve almost come to an end, and finding the best series can no doubt be a difficult task. But the ones we suggest to you won’t disappoint. If you are confused about the top animated show to watch during a sleepover with friends who love anime as much as you, consider watching something from this list.

This collection covers everything from the genre of mystery to horror, everything is available right in front of you. Pick any from the list, and we promise you won’t get bored. In case we missed any of your favourite anime series, comment down below and let us know. We would love to hear your preference anytime.