Background checks are quickly becoming the norm when it comes to job hunting. It’s a great way for employers to get a better idea of the person that they’re hiring.

However, when you perform these checks, it’s crucial to make sure that you do it right. There are many background check mistakes that employers make.

We’re here to help you avoid them and make the right choices when looking into those new hires.

1. Not Checking Thoroughly

When you conduct a background check while screening potential employees, it’s important to look thoroughly. You don’t want to miss anything when looking.

There are many steps to conducting a good search, and no database should be out of the question. The best way to ensure that your screening is thorough is by hitting all your bases.

Talk to the person, check their references, and look in every database you can find. This will help you avoid mistakes by checking every avenue available to you.

2. Don’t Stop at Social Media

Social media is a great place to get information on people. It’s often the first and last place that employers look.

Unfortunately, while social media is helpful, it doesn’t always give you the information that you’re looking for. That information can be untrue as well.

Social media is best used alongside other databases such as an inmate search database. This can help you get a better understanding of the candidate overall.

3. Disclosure

When performing background checks, many employers can make the mistake of not informing the candidate. Not only is this wrong, but it can get your business into a lot of legal trouble.

In many areas, it is the law to inform the candidate that you’ll be running a background check on them.

The fix for this is simple! Give the candidate notice that you’ll be running the latest screening software for background checks on them.

They’ll be informed, and you’ll be fulfilling your legal obligations.

4. Permission, Please

Like giving notice that you’ll be conducting a background check, it’s also important to ask the candidate permission for background checks. Their consent allows you to look into their history and verify information legally.

It’s an easy fix, as you can simply ask their permission or have them sign a consent form when you meet them.

5. Results Fully Determine Your Decision

A background check is going to make things clearer when it comes to a candidate, but the results should not be the main deciding factor in your choice. If something does come back in your search, it’s a good idea to ask the candidate about them.

Give them a chance to explain the situation. It may not be as bad as it sounds, and everyone can go through a rough patch sometimes.

Don’t Make These Background Check Mistakes

Background check mistakes are easy to make, but with the right intentions and tools, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect candidate. Remember to keep these five mistakes in mind and the process will go smoothly. Have you learned something from our article today? Read more on our blog if you did!