Paris is a dream holiday destination for most people who like to travel. It is spread over the banks of the Seine River and is also known as the city of lights.

The city amazes new visitors with its historical monuments, stunning palaces, art museums, cathedrals, gardens, and the trendiest fashion hubs.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris Fashion Week, French Open Grand Slam, and Tour de France are some of the enthralling experiences that tourists, sports, and fashion aficionados come to see in addition to landmarks such as the Louvre Art Museum and Disneyland.

Now is the ideal time to visit Paris. Do not forget to carry an umbrella and your favorite accessories for this season. Add the following destinations to the list of places to visit in Paris. These popular tourist spots will take your breath away!


Your trip to Paris is incomplete if you do not visit the iconic Eiffel Tower. The 324 meters high tower was built in 1889 by an engineer Gustave Eiffel. Hosting up to 7 million visitors a year, the Eiffel Tower boasts to be one of the most visited monuments by tourists around the world.

It comprises of three levels, all open for visitors. The first two levels have souvenir shops and restaurants, while from the third floor, you can view the most captivating bird’s eye view of Paris. You must not miss the view from the transparent floors of the tower, and the glamorous dine at the Le 58 tour Eiffel.


The Louvre is situated in the heart of the city and is the most visited art museum and gallery in the entire world. It spreads over an area of 21000 acres and is located in a royal fort: the ruins of which can be seen in the basement. This fortress was made in the 12th Century by Phillip II.

The art collection in the Louvre is divided into eight sections, including the Egyptian and Oriental antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculptures, Paintings, and Graphic Arts.

The Louvre with Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s Dying Slave, and Great Sphinx of Tanis is an artist’s paradise on earth.


This Roman Catholic cathedral is the finest example of French Gothic architecture in all of Europe. The cathedral, completed in 1345, is home to the astonishing Gothic architecture along with sculptures and gargoyles which mesmerize travelers from around the world.

It also has intricate wood carvings and not to miss the statue of Joan of Arc. There are local guides who tell tales about the magnificent cathedral. Also, you will find small shops and eateries with a heavy inflow of tourists, artists, and historians.

The best way to get the most of this place is to walk around it and get enthralled by the ruins and its domed roof. The staircase to the top consists of 387 steps, which may get exhausting, but definitely worth it when you can see the panoramic view of the region and the gargoyles up close.


Montmartre is a hill found in the north of Paris and is known for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This was built in 1919 in the honor of the French Victim in the Franco-Prussian war.

A few blocks from Basilica, there is a place Square of Tertre, where painters and sculptors are found painting and getting inspired by their surroundings. This place was the hub of modern art in the early 20th century, and artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet worked here.

If you are into fine and striking pieces of artwork, then you must visit this place. It is an artist’s paradise in the true sense.


This is a palace, constructed in the 17th century as a symbol depicting French Supremacy in Europe. Tourists are captivated by the gardens spread over an enormous area, with exotic décor and attractive display of artwork of the Renaissance era. It also has an exceptional accommodation with about 2300 rooms.

The Palace of Versailles is listed as a World Heritage site for 30 years. While on a visit to the exquisite palace in Paris you must not miss the Hall of Mirrors, Queen’s Chamber, the French Gardens, Museum of the History of France, and the magical Fountain Show.


Disneyland Paris is the most popular and vibrant tourist destination for not only kids but adults. It has two theme parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland is best known for the thrilling rides it has to offer, such as the Crush’s Coaster, Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast, and Orbitron. The tourists can enjoy the animation movies, the Disney parade, and fireworks, and not to forget meet favorite Disney characters. Do not miss the Space Mountain, It’s a small world, and Big Thunder Mountain, which are the top attractions of Disneyland Paris.

If you are looking to entertain your family and kids, then there is no better place than Disneyland, where your family can enjoy a fun-filled day. So grab your leather jacket with hood, put on the comfiest pair of shoes, and get all set to embark on an unmatched adventure journey.


Moulin Rouge is a vintage cabaret venue in Paris. It is located at the foot of Montmartre hill and is the birthplace of the famous French Cancan. Previously a seat for courtship dance, Moulin Rouge is extravagant and a must-visit place for the tourists.

The building is well-lit with pleasing music, exotic liquor, romantic ambiance, and the show stopper: the exhilarating cabaret performance, which is the best take away from Moulin Rouge. Book your tickers for the cabaret in advance and relish the popular tourist attraction that provides entertainment to visitors from around the world.

Parting Thoughts

Paris is a destination that no travel lover can resist visiting. From trying different delicacies to taking a stroll in the bustling flashy streets of the city and witnessing the glitz and glamour, you can have an experience of a lifetime. The mesmerizing sites you will visit in the country will stay etched in your mind for years to come.

Add Paris to your go-to list if you have not, and start saving up for the trip that will blow your mind away!