The kitchen is an integral part of any household. So, nobody wishes to keep the space dirty and unhealthy. To ensure that it is devoid of smoke, fumes, and oil, installing the best chimney is preferable. 

But as a buyer, it’s natural to get confused about which one to opt for – a Kaff chimney, a Kutchina chimney, or any other model. Hence, here are the 7 steps that will guide you while purchasing best chimney for kitchen

  1. Determine the filter type: 
  • Based on the structure, process of filtering, and material, the 3 types of filters in chimneys are cassette, baffle, and carbon.
  • While cassette filters require heavy maintenance and frequent washing for efficient performance, baffle filters require lesser maintenance Carbon filters are meant to complement cassette or baffle filters, absorb odors, and aren’t washable. 
  • Cassette filters aren’t suitable for Indian foods. 
  • To avoid the complications of chimney filters, you can spend a little more and go for the latest filterless models equipped with auto clean technology and oil collectors.
  1. Choose the appropriate size:
  • The size of the stove is the criteria that decide the chimney size for any kitchen. Remember it should either be larger or the same size as the stove. 
  • The size of chimneys varies between 60-90 cm, in general.
  • For stoves provisioned with 2 burners, go for chimneys with 60 cm size.
  • 90 cm chimneys accommodate well, with stoves having 3 or more burners. 
  1. Decide the type:
  • Your purchasing decision should be based on the structure of your kitchen and the placement of your stove and hob.
  • While island chimneys, mounted in the ceiling,  are best if the cooking platform is at the kitchen centre away from the wall, wall-mounted chimneys will serve the purpose if the hob is placed next to the wall.
  • Opt for a built-in chimney if you want to install it within the kitchen furniture, invisible from the outside. 
  1. Know the suction power:
  • Chimneys come in diverse suction capacities ranging between 700-1600 m3/hr.
  • Your chimney’s suction power must be as per the food habits and cooking style you prefer.
  • If you are a healthy or less oily food consumer, go for a chimney with a suction power below 1000.
  • If oily or crisped food items are your favourites, opt for the one with a suction power of at least 1100-1200 m3/hr.
  1. Opt for the suitable style:
  • You have to choose between chimneys with either a ‘conventional look’ or a ‘contemporary look’.
  • Conventional chimneys, manufactured with stainless steel, don’t possess an eye-popping appearance, have an ordinary design but give good performance.
  • Contemporary chimneys are designer ones installed to elevate the look of modular kitchens. They stand out among other kitchen equipment with their shining glass and res or white coloured crystal. 
  • You can also see if the chimney has a straight or curved glass. Go for the one with a straight glass if it’s fitted in the ceiling. For a wall-mounted chimney, curved glass looks better. 
  1. Look if the necessary tools or facilities are included:
  • Many companies selling chimneys don’t give installation facilities and tools like aluminium ducts or end caps in the package. And you have to purchase them separately by spending an additional amount of money.
  • So before buying one, make sure that these come in the chimney box itself. 
  1. Be aware of the type of service provided:
  • Whichever model you opt for, it must get regular services from the seller’s side, at least for a specific period.
  • If the product does not have a satisfactory servicing procedure, it’s advisable not to opt for it, no matter how well-functioning it is. 
  • So, before buying, make sure that the manufacturing company provides servicing facilities in your area of residence. 

With these 7 points in mind, you can bring home the best chimney for the kitchen and have a memorable cooking experience for years. Do check out a Kaff chimney, a Faber chimney, chimneys from Elica, Bosh, Surya, and Kutchina, as these are some of the best models of the product available in the market currently. 

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