There are two types of people who have Super 8 movie reels: those who intentionally hold onto the film as part of a beloved collection of memorabilia, and those who discover (or rediscover) some old reels that have been hidden away in storage over the years.
Regardless of which type of person you are, however, this guide is for you. With it, you can learn how to convert Super 8 to digital formats. In addition, you can read about the reasons why you should.

Familiarize Yourself With Super 8 Reels

Before trying to convert your Super 8 reels, it can be helpful to learn a bit about them. If this is the first time you are working with this kind of film, read up on its background. Whenever you are using a new type of film, understanding its history can help you appreciate the digital conversation process even more.

Released in 1965, Super 8 film offers a type of motion picture format for making movies. When the technology first came out, it was very popular for filming home movies. While Super 8 is no longer the primary choice for amateur filmmakers, it does still see regular use by students and artists.

Handle Super 8 Reels With Care

When you decide to convert to digital, it is important to handle your Super 8 reels with care. To preserve your home movies, consider these four tips:

  1. Make sure the original is in good enough condition to project if you decide to present it.
  2. Do not touch the film without washing your hands first.
  3. Mind the storage temperature. The film needs to be in a cool, dry place. 
  4. Tell the film’s story via a separate voice recording.

In addition, organizing old movies with a labeling system can also be helpful. Whatever you do, avoid working with the film absent-mindedly. Doing so can ruin your treasured originals.

Consider Reasons To Convert Super 8 to Digital 

If you still are not fully convinced that you should convert your reels to a digital format, consider some of the top reasons for doing so. In addition to offering you backup security for preserving precious memories in an organized manner, converting your Super 8 can also improve the overall quality of your movies themselves. Watching and sharing digital files is super convenient, especially when compared to pulling out the old projector.

By putting extensive care into both the preparation and post-production processes of the conversion, professional film technicians can clean and inspect reels. In addition, they can remove damaged and blank film while repairing splices and replacing leaders when necessary. As a result, movies often play much more smoothly. 

Compare Super 8 Movie to Digital Converting Services

Not all digital processing companies are the same, but many of them offer similar services. Typically, most reputable digital conversion services will also offer inspection and cleaning as part of their offering. In addition, you can also find services that provide custom naming and labeling options. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure they digitize super 8 film using a frame-by-frame method, which is of much better overall quality than real-time capture.

If you are having a difficult time choosing, it can be good to look for extra perks that some conversion companies offer. For example, what kind of shipping costs will there be? Is pickup an option? Most importantly, what kind of online accessibility will you have to the new files? Asking these questions when you call to inquire can help you decide.

Choose a Service To Convert Files

Next, you need to figure out what your options are for converting your old film reels. Today, there are several companies available that offer Super 8 conversion services. To help you decide on the place you want to work with, consider what each place offers and for what price.

In addition, find out if a place has reviews. If other customers have had positive experiences, it can tell you a lot about a film converting service. Friends and family can be another helpful source if anyone you know has recently converted old films.

Enjoy Your Newly Digitalized Film

Finally, the last part of the Super 8 conversion process is to enjoy. When you receive your DVD or flash drive, pop it into your DVD player or smart TV, grab some popcorn and sit down with your family to share some old memories. 

Well, there you have it: Whether you are actively looking to convert a recently-uncovered Super 8 movie to digital, or you just happen to have a lot of Super 8 reels stored away in your attic, there are many advantages to digitalizing. Furthermore, doing so does not have to be difficult.