Be it an oily or dry hair, issues of dandruff poses considerable problems. Dry and dead flakes appear on your neck and shoulders posing to be a social hazard. Men are more prone to this problem than women which have an impact on their eye brows, beards etc.  The fungus Malassezia is found in excessive quantities of your scalp leading to dandruff. Choice of a Ketomac Shampoo hair loss would be an ideal solution in this regard. An option would be to provide a professional shampoo in order to cope up with the issue of dandruff. In addition to this there are many other causes of dandruff as follows

Diet and stress

Poor diet and higher levels of stress contribute to dandruff in a big way

Impact of hair brushing

To a certain extent if you brush your hair regularly it remains healthy as it leads to better blood circulation. Not brushing your hair leads to accumulation of oil leading to formation of dandruff.

Hair washing habits

The main reason why dandruff forms is accumulation of dead cells. In case if you do not wash your hair on a regular basis, dead cells will accumulate and lead to itching of your scalp

Too much use of hair using products

If you are into much usage of hair styling products the scalp will be damaged because of the impact of chemicals.

The process to enhance the volume of your hair

Most of us are of the opinion that shampoos would be really good for our hair. If you are blessed with an oily scalp it is better to wash your hair on a daily basis. Even shampooing your hair three times a week would be a nice option. If you are suffering from dandruff then ketomac anti dandruff shampoo would be the best remedial measure you can adopt. Since this shampoo is incorporated with anti-fungal agent it can deal with issues of dandruff.

Oil massage

It would be a great option if you can oil massage your hair as the roots are kept healthy. Do ensure that you use warm oil for this purpose. In a circular motion the hair has to be massaged. Coconut oil would be the best option as castor oil can deal with issues of hair fall. Once the massaging of hair is done wrap the hair in a warm towel to enable proper conditioning of the hair. This poses to be one of the best routines so as to enhance the volume of your hair.

Keep away from chemicals

Till the point you can avoid hair styling products or chemicals and even hair restoration methods like hair straightening. Following such process would make your hair dull and dry. In fact the make the hair fragile and weaken the roots paving way for more hair problems.

Last but not the least a major issue with hair loss or dandruff is stress. This can result in thinning or even greying of your hair. Take precautions so you are able to deal with these issues.