Even though they are still very desirable, diamond engagement rings are already becoming overrated, and lots of intending couples are beginning to realize the fact that there are other options. Actually, a lot of lovers these days prefer other gemstones, specifically sapphire, as a means of celebrating their everlasting love, whether in a gothic engagement ring or a more modern design.

The feature that makes sapphire rings much more exciting than their diamond siblings is the fact that they are available in varying colours. Even though blue is the most commonly occurring colour, in varying shades, sapphire rings also come in purple, green, white, violet, orange, and pink.

Violet and purple sapphires

Many individuals believe that violet and purple are the same. Most people see the two varying colours as the same colour. Nevertheless, they arent; they are two different colours. Purple is a blend of blue with red, while violet is produced from purple and blue. What makes both violet and purple sapphire rings interesting is the fact that they can significantly shift in colour. Purple rings will appear violet under sunlight or fluorescent light. On the other hand, violet rings will become purple when passed under incandescent light.

Orange sapphires

Orange coloured sapphires were very much undervalued several decades ago. Nevertheless, in modern times, orange has become a highly desirable colour for many and one of the most popular colours of the fashion industry. As a result of this, orange sapphires have become a lot more valuable.

Pink sapphires

Lots of women love receiving pink diamond engagement rings. Even Princess Eugenie of York has a pink stone in her engagement ring. Nevertheless, unlike sapphire and some gothic engagement ring options, pink diamonds are quite expensive and very rare. They can cost thousands and are not easily found in the market. Generally, they never go below tens of thousands in price. Pink sapphire engagement rings are therefore the best alternative for those that seek a pink stone in their engagement ring. They are as stunning as diamond rings but a lot more affordable.

Green sapphires

Green sapphires are quite rare. They are not easily found in the gemstone market. Actually, many individuals dont even understand that they exist. Most individuals that even know what sapphires are might not even recognize a green sapphire when they see one. Due to the fact that they are very rare, they can be truly pricey. Green sapphire rings are a lot more durable than peridot or tourmaline, and a lot more brilliant than emerald. This makes them a lot more cost effective when you consider the quality and hardness of the stone.

White sapphires

White sapphires are not actually white like their name infers. In fact, they always come either transparent or colourless. Because the demand for white sapphires is a lot less than that for most other options, they are a lot more inexpensive than the options that are coloured.

The question might now be whether sapphire is right for you. By the end of the day, the question concerning which type of Gothic wedding ring or engagement ring you should buy will depend to a large extent on you and your lover. Take your tastes, preferences, and budget into consideration and you will surely never go wrong irrespective of the sapphire engagement ring option you go for.