Since thousands of years ago medical science has gone on create new benchmarks. New concepts are emerging as far as treatment of various medical diseases is concerned. Stem cells are the latest invention on the block and they could divide into specialized cell types. They could divide further and form cells of the same group. It is performed to treat or repair an existing health condition. It is going to be one of the approaches in order to treat a variety of health conditions in the days to come. Cerebral Palsy treatment with stem cell therapy in India is one of the latest discoveries and has taken the medical world by storm.

The concept of stem cell?

Stem cell as the name suggests is an array of procedures where the deceased or damaged cells are being replaced with healthy ones. Though the concept is new, but their application along with advantage is new in the domain of medical science. For this precise reason it does find its application and new research is a testimony to that. From the umbilical cord or the bone marrow the stem cells are obtained. They are a vital clog in the wheel of our body and can intermix with any type of tissue in our body. It is based on the concept that the stem cell makes its way to the damaged cell of the body and then evolves into new tissues. This goes on to then replaces the damaged one. They do possess the capacity to rejuvenate themselves. In fact the ones that are derived from the body are stored in artificial conditions till the moment they mature in order to work its magic on a certain part of the body or tissue. You could obtain it from the own body of the patient or it could be from a donor. In case of the latter it needs to match with the genetic needs of the patient.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

  • Tuberculosis- there is a research which does confirm the fact that with the aid of bone marrow extraction TB could be cured. Patients have gone on to show a positive response and there is no side effects associated with the same.
  • Hair loss- stem cells could also work its magic as far as hair loss is concerned. In this process a small portion of fat is being taken from the waist region of a patient by the process of mini liposuction. To the cells an activation solution is being added and this could be multiplied in number depending on the size of the bald area. Once you activate it the solution is being washed so that the cells remain in place. Then it is the turn where the stem cells are being injected on to the scalp. Some form of hair growth is likely to emerge within a couple of weeks as well.


Form the above discussion the major fact that emerges is that stem cell therapy is here to stay big time.