Vaping along with e cigarettes during pregnancy are considered to be a safe bet when you compare it to the traditional methods of smoking. In fact, it does help a smoker to quit smoking at the same time. Still it goes on to put nicotine on to your body and is not a good choice for a lady who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

An e cigarette is considered to be a nicotine delivery service. Some of them look futuristic, whereas others resemble a regular cigarette. A cartridge is filled with a liquid that contains nicotine that contains flavours along with chemicals like glycerine. It is fully operated by a battery. The liquid does get heated up in an e cigarette and when you inhale it becomes a vapour. Hence emerges the term vaping.

In the case of a regular cigarette nicotine is burned and it reaches out to your lungs. Tobacco is known to contain thousands of chemicals and vapour from an e cigarette contains nicotine which is bound to have serious implications in pregnancy when we opt for a second. It may also contain tinges of chemicals in the form of nickel or chromium that can be harmful for the developing baby.

The liquids which is used in the case of e cigarettes is not well regulated. Many of them contain chemicals or flavoured agents. A lot of studies have been conducted on the inhaling of these vapours in a lot of people, let alone the pregnant women.

A lot of the time, pregnant women have misconceptions about e cigarettes and many of them wonder is vaping safe during pregnancy. A majority of the women who were part of the survey were of the opinion that they considered it to be safe during the course of pregnancy. Only 57 % of them were aware that it did contain nicotine and a trifle felt it was addictive.

The concise fact is that be it regular or e cigarettes they do go on to put nicotine in your body. There is no safe level of nicotine exposure in your body. When there is exposure to nicotine before birth it has been linked to altered brain structure along with function in babies. Use of tobacco products during the course of pregnancy has been linked with birth defects, miscarriage, infant syndrome or immaturity of babies. Nicotine be it from regular or electronic cigarettes does show up in your breast milk as well.

In the true sense of the world no pregnant women should be a smoker. But we do not live in such a world and many pregnant women do smoke. In an ideal situation a pregnant woman who smokes should stop it immediately be it regular or electronic cigarettes. If you smoke and become pregnant, then talk to your doctor about smoking. You should also discuss with your doctor if you are planning to switch to e cigarettes who will provide you with a way to cut down on smoking.