You may find yourself in a situation where the auto ignition of your car is not working and the key is jammed. Such a situation may arise in any make or year of car. While in some cases it may be a problem that is specific to the model, make or year of manufacturing of the car, in most cases it is fairly general in nature. If you have a habit of tinkering with car problems then you may try your hand at rectifying the problem on your driveway itself. However, if you are not confident you should call a specialist in auto ignition repair in MA.

The situation

You are in a situation where the key is stuck and wount budge, or even broken and stuck inside and the ignition is not working.

The way out

Ensure the transmission is in Park mode

Most of the vehicles today feature automatic transmission. These cars are so designed as not to start unless the transmission is set at Park mode. So first ensure that the vehicle is in Park or Neutral mode. If it is not there is also a danger of the vehicle suddenly rolling forward. Even if the transmission is set at Park, take it out of the mode and then put in Park mode again. Now try to start the ignition.

Broken key

If the key is coming out then take it out and inspect it for damages or excessive wear. If there is a damage then there is a possibility that it is not able to engage the correct pins in the cylinder and therefore not able to turn on the ignition. So check for damages and if there is one then you have to replace it. Sometimes there may be a broken or severely bruised tooth in the key. In that case the key will not operate. However, if the key is stuck and is not coming out then you have to take your car to the dealer for key ignition repair.

Bits of things stuck to the key

People sometimes use ignition keys for opening packages. If you have done so then see if there is something stuck to the key. Bits of adhesive tape stuck to the key may be contributing to the problem. Take out the piece of tape and try to turn on the ignition again.

Bent key

The key may become bent if you have used it to prise open cans or bottle caps. In that case it will not be able to go to the right depth to engage the correct pins. You can try to straighten out the key by inserting it in a keyhole and applying opposite force. However, while doing so make sure that the teeth of the key are not damaged.

Locked steering wheels

If the steering wheel is locked, your car ignition will not turn on. Try to turn the steering wheel. If it does not turn then it is most likely that it has locked. To unlock the steering put the key back to the ignition and try to maneuver it slightly while turning the steering wheel back and forth.