The 32.8-billion-dollar perfume industry is expanding due to an increasing tendency for personal grooming, ordinary socializing, and enhanced well-being. Due to their influence on personal moods, interpersonal interactions and overall personal projection, perfumes are widely used even in the digital world of today. During the COVID-19 pandemic era, the demand, sales, and business of the perfume industry has blossomed as the communicable nature of the disease renders touch-based communications unsafe.

History of Bakhoor:

The histories of using fragrances to alter, enhance, or mask the natural body odor dates back thousands of years. The first fragrances were burnt, and therefore, they were called per fume i.e., through smoke.  These perfumes used an aromatic material; incense, that releases fragrant smoke when burned. These days bakhoor in Pakistan is becoming a significant staple that people have started using as an alternative of perfumes to smell good.

Bakhoor and its extracts:

Perfume oils and fragrances extracted from agarwood are called Oud. Today, oud is widely used to calm and aid mental focus, emotional regulation, and spiritual peace. It is heavily utilized as an ambient fragrance in houses, halls, and other indoor establishments. Wood-based fragrances have been shown to cause some health-related drawbacks. Their smokey nature may contain pollutants that worsen respiratory related health risks such as asthma, etc. Bakhoor provides a healthier aroma than oud.

Bakhoor and the minerals present in it:

 It contains no charcoal and provides a purer scent. Additionally, the lack of charcoal proves less harmful than the corresponding traditional incense. While the damage is comparatively low, excessive exposure to the scent can still become an irritant for asthma patients. Bakhoor is a woodchip which has been soaked and immersed in fragrant perfume oils, natural oils, and resins for extended periods of time.

How is Bakhoor used?

The scented and fragrant woodchips are then burned either using charcoal or an electric incense burner. The use of electric burners prevents the inclusion of harmful smoke particles which may trigger asthma attacks. The difference between oud and bakhoor resides in the nature of incense used for burning. Oud uses raw agarwood chips which have not been cleaned and polished, therefore, are completely natural. Minimal processing, while provides pure scent, also creates unnecessary particles in smoke when burned. Therefore, oud is harsher for the respiratory health than bakhoor. Bakhoor uses more processed incense than oud. It sometimes contains synthetic aromatics which gives it an oily appearance. A higher amount of agar wood in bakhoor increases its quality and aroma.

Bakhoor and Middle Eastern culture:

Bakhoor has been a vital part of the Middle Eastern and Chinese traditions for thousands of years. The exotic aroma has now attracted attention worldwide. The industry is valued at over 8.5 billion dollars. Owing to the revolutionary use of bakhoor in skincare industry, the demand for agarwood chips has increased manifold. Bakhoor can directly be burnt at home. To burn it at home, we require bakhoor chips, incense burner and charcoal disks. The charcoal disk goes inside the incense burner and a fire is started using a matchstick. Once sparkles start crossing the charcoal disk and the disk has gray ash over it, place the bakhoor disk on top. The aroma is almost immediately perceived in the form of fumes. These fumes can now be used to set the ambience and mood of the surroundings.

Bakhoor as a perfume for both Men and Women:

The unique and exquisite form of bakhoor is now not only available in chips and blocks form. But now it can be used in the form of a bottle. There are many companies in Pakistan that are selling perfumed bakhoor for both men and women which is handy and can be more useful than the traditional chip we are so acquainted to use.

Souk Galleria and Bakhoor Perfumes:

Among the various companies that are now selling bakhoor as a perfume for men and women Souk Galleria remains the pioneer. For the first time someone has taken an initiative in Asia to introduce bakhoor fragrances. Their collection is exceptional with a high quality that is promising to its customers. You can order their products from their official site.

Bakhoor for Health: As people start using bakhoor they experience many changes in their health. Especially when it comes to mental health many people have reported that the long pent up anxiety slowly start to default. Also, people who use bakhoor have claimed that their insomnia a sever condition that deprives people off their sleep have started to settle. Insomnia leads to other conditions such as depression. That can sever and fetal to a person. Hence, bakhoor has many psychological beneficial effects on people. So, when you switch from your regular perfume to a bakhoor perfume it’s not just the change of smell that you experience. You fell much change on certain levels. And health by far out runs them all.