Rudraksha is nothing but a certain kind of beads or the dried seeds of a particular tree which are mainly found in the foothills of the Himalayas. So, when it comes to the availability of rudraksha beads, then people have to search Nepal, the northern portions of India and some places of Myanmar.

As history talks about these rudraksha beads; it is said that this was mainly carried by the early saints who used to travel from one place to another. They used to believe that carrying this rudraksha bead would help them in preventing all the negative forces around when they were moving from one place to another. These beads not only used to shun down the active negative forces, but they also increased the power of concentration in a human mind which was very important for the saints as they were into meditation.

Rudraksha can be of many varieties. It can be one face rudraksha, 2 face rudraksha, 3 face rudraksha, and like this, it can go up to 21 face rudrakshas as well. Each one has different sets of powerful benefits apart from bringing down the effect of negative forces on the wearer.

In ancient times, people used to believe that rudraksha can also determine the quality of water. For that one used to need a rudraksha mala. If one can take a vessel full of water and hold the mala over it, then they can determine the quality of the water. How was it possible? Well, saints used to believe if the beads rotate in the clockwise direction, then the water is healthy, and if it rotates in the anti-clockwise direction, then the water may be infected or poisonous. By this process, they used to find out drinking water.

As it is said earlier, there are plenty of varieties in rudraksha beads; two face rudraksha is one of them. It mainly presents the Ardhanarishwar which as per Hindu mythology is the form of union between Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. This actually represents the union of body and soul. So, it is a symbol of union, and it helps a man and a woman to connect their minds and souls together. Togetherness is the soul of this rudraksha bead. It helps in improving the personal relationships of a human being. It helps them to look at the positive side of the world and help them in improving their relationships. This rudraksha bead is mainly ruled by the Moon, and it also brings prosperity, health, and happiness. It brings stability in life by bringing inner peace in one.

The main purpose of wearing this rudraksha bead is to bring harmony to married life. It is also worn to improve sexual bond with the partner. This bead has some medical benefits as well. 2 mukhirudraksha can be beneficial for those who have problems of an intestine. It makes the digestive system strong. It can also help in curing infertility.

Before buying this bead, one has to take help from an experienced astrologer.