Each of us is well aware of how beautiful South India is. From a splendid coastline to temples, water sports activities to adventure sports activities, from amazing farms to green hills, it has it all.

 One of the main parts of south India, Bangalore is such a city that deserves a special mention for offering some breathtaking views.

 It is the capital of Karnataka and one of the metropolitan cities of India

 With beautiful hilly regions around, it is known for some of the best trekking in Bangalore. People living here have a couple of options for not just a one day trek but for a long weekend as well. There are some highly captivating spots near the city that let you enjoy your weekend to the most. A few hours from the city center lets you enter a world of magnificence.

 Bangalore is not about cafes and eateries only, it is also about places of sightseeing and just using your time for leisure. This place is perfect to spend time with your friends whether you are just visiting or you have been staying here for ages.

Some of the most spectacular places to visit near Bangalore in a day

The ideal destinations in Bangalore help you take a break from the regular, dull routine and engage in camping or trekking activities. Some of the best trekking  in Bangalore city are Ramanagara, Nandi Hills, Skandagiri, Anthargange, Savandurga Hill, Devarayanadurga, Makalidurga, Madhugiri, Channarayana Durga, and Kunti Betta,

More than fitness, you satisfy the cravings of your soul for adventure. Bangalore is a haven for trekkers and camping. There is no better experience than sitting around a campfire and bonding with friends in places like Ramanagar, Bheemeshwari, Kanakapura & Manchinbele. If you are sane, definitely prefer Chikmagalur, Ramanagara, Savandurga, Kunti Betta, Makalidurga, Anthargange, Coorg & Bheemeshwari.

There is no shortage of being trekked! These destinations have some of the best scenic views and are of different difficulty levels. You can also celebrate new year eve in Bangalore with your friends.

 These are some point once should take care before going for trekking in Bangalore

Some trees can be easy level for beginners while some trek spots are a difficult level for experienced trekkers. If you maintain a decent fitness level you can choose to go for a moderate level trek that will challenge you but at the same time won’t drain out all your energy.

No matter which trekking destination you choose to visit in and around Bangalore, make sure you are well prepared. Carrying enough water, energy booster drinks and light snacks are the requirements of all treks; whether small or big. So if you are a resident of Bangalore but haven’t tried trekking in nearby regions, try now!


Life is an adventure, not a predicament. And, trekking in Bangalore has given us innumerable chances to take a break from a hectic city life to enjoy  some adventurous trips  which are worthwhile in itself