The research of the best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin can confuse you with many options. Multi-Vendor plugin for WooCommerce marketplace has become very popular after the success of Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, Amazon, etc.


The trend of online retail websites has now been upgraded to high traffic e-commerce marketplaces, where many vendors can operate their own personal stores. The main subject of such markets is that customers can buy products from different vendors in the same market.


So Many Options: Narrowing It Down


Enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs always want better options for creating the best market for their customers. With this approach, they constantly seek ways to fulfill this objective and there are so many options.


To reduce things, we choose WordPress for this review because it is the best platform where you can start this marketplace. Why? WordPress is now number 1 CMS, its growth rate is the highest and nearly half of the websites are built with it.


WooCommerce is also famous internationally for its powerful eCommerce plugin. Therefore, people who are planning to start a new multi-seller market, they often ask-


There may be a single query in your mind. There are many tools available to create a multi-vendor marketplace for WooCommerce setup, but it is difficult to determine which one is the best option for your marketplace. In order to reduce your pain, we have made a magnificent list and compared them.


5 Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins


For WordPress, we have researched the market and found five plugins which are most suitable for creating the right multi-vendor marketplace on the basis of WooCommerce. They are:


In this article, we will review each plugin and in the end, it will determine which of the entrepreneurs can be the best option for building the perfect multivendor market for their business.


First of all, we will discuss these plugins individually. Then, we will prepare a comparison list so that you can choose the best for yourself.


1. Dokan Multivendor


It is one of the most powerful multi-vendor plugins powered by WooCommerce. Within just 30 minutes, there are advanced features for making your own Amazon, Shopify, eBay like Multi-Vendor Marketplace.


Dokan Multi-vendor is a kind of and offers a successful implementation to bring WooCommerce capabilities to the frontend.


If we talk about Dokan’s supporter, the first thing that comes to mind is that a rich set of admin features and a great frontend seller dashboard. This can certainly take the number one spot for the best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin, which is also for its features and design.


You can create the last multi-vendor marketplace with the Docan plugin and its premium module. Nothing will be less.


2. WC Vendors Pro


Now a popular multi-vendor marketplace in the market is WC Vendors Pro. WC vendor Docan has several ways to multi-vendor. However, Dokan started his journey before them. This plugin became popular with their unique marketing strategy and support.


They have many useful features that can provide you with a working multi-seller market. WC vendors come with the same value as Dokhan. However, the frontend is not currently in the rolling steps.


If you want a minimum capacity of the multi-vendor marketplace with front-end features and have a tight budget, then this plugin is most suitable for you.


3. WC Marketplace


Another new multi-vendor plugin for WooCommerce is the WC Marketplace and they are also good. By using this plugin you can create a complete online marketplace. The best part is that WC Marketplace offers its main functionality for free and you can buy extensions if you want marginal capabilities.


WC Marketplace supports PayPal and Stripe Payment Gateway. They have some other features such as Docan and WC Dealer. WC Marketplace has all the main features like vendor approval capabilities, additional options for administrator control, automated scheduling for payment and payment on withdrawal requests.


Due to being one of the multi-vendor plugins, markets are delayed, they are doing relatively well.


4. YITH Multivendor


YITH Multivinder is another plugin that allows you to create a market where other people can sell their products and get a commission for each sale. They are experts in downloadable products. Unlike Dokan and WC vendors, there is no front end dashboard for sellers in YITH multivendor.


In addition, they do not have the ability to add or update products from the frontend. However, they have another extension called Front YITH Frontend Manager for Wuxcom. It offers frontend functions, but its cost is an extra $ 60 for a site.


The only payment gateway is available in YITH multivendor, which is available to its customers. On the other hand, Docan and WC vendor support all WooCommerce compatible payment gateways.


5. WooCommerce Product Vendors


This plugin also provides multi-vendor options for your WooCommerce store and an original product of WooCommerce. It has been updated on 2017-12-11 and added a lot of convenience to the last update. However, there is still a long way to go in order to compete with the other three.


WooCommerce product vendors work on the backend of your site just like WooCommerce It provides multi-vendor capabilities in your store, but only the administrator can create or update the product. Therefore, this plugin makes it difficult for the admin. However, you can install frontend addons and get frontend capabilities for this plugin with additional cost. Docan or WC vendors have more options than this plugin.