In our power lines voltage fluctuations are a common occurrence. It harms your appliances like air conditioner, TV and does leave a mark on your valuable equipment. It could lead them to a permanent damaged condition.  In undertaking stabilizer online shopping you can combat this problem easily. Not only it makes the appliances trouble free, but ensures its long life as well. Do opt for one that aligns with safety standards and up to date on the technological front.

The choice of a stabilizer suiting your application proves to be crucial. Key components are the nature, power application of the stabilizer along with the level of voltage fluctuations expected. You also need to be aware about the rating of the equipment you need to protect. In KVA, Amps or KW the ratings are normally mentioned. In addition you also need to be aware about frequency and normal line voltage.

When you buy online voltage stabilizer   there are some salient features you need to consider


Since electrical power is involved there arises a danger of the stabilizer being placed on the ground or somewhere unsafe. For this reason most stabilizers are wall mounted or placed at a higher level. Not only it protects you from damage but protects your near and dear ones as well.


They are going to display the voltage which has been regulated to the power supply. The new versions are equipped with LED indicators.

Systems of time delay

The feature is in built with a time lapse so that an in built compressor is able to match up to the current flow. This is when a short duration power cut occurs.


This makes the function of a stabilizer accurate and reliable. Most of the latest models are available in digitalized mode. The interesting fact about the new models is that not only are they digitalized but they can adapt to various devices. Just you need to shift the stabilizer from one device to another to get your work done. Most of them are able to establish and work with generator if the need arises.

Overload protection

With an overload feature protection, the stabilizer output turns off automatically when any burn out or short circuit occurs. Go on to choose a stabilizer that provides you with 3 year warranty so that you are safe and protected on all counts. The key is to choose a stabilizer that aligns with the needs of your home appliance.

The modern appliances are available with a higher voltage for operation. In the days gone by refrigerators worked with 220 to 240 V but now the range is bigger between 170 to 290 V.  With refrigerators you will come across an in built low and high voltage cut off but they are not incorporated with in build voltage stabilizers.

The voltage stabilizers are modelled depending upon the appliance you intend to use them for. Each and every modern day household does have a specified energy limit you need to be aware of.