Some of the best mediums of entertainment are films and videos. Every kind of person enjoys watching films and videos, as they can make a person laugh as well as cry at the same time. But, watching every movie in the multiplex is not feasible for everyone. So in order to enjoy the latest movies without having to incur any expense, it is best to download Videomate and filmywap app which are third-party applications for downloading movies and video clips from different platforms.

What is a filmywap app?

Basically, filmywap is an online portal for the downloading movies of different genres. It is a mixed library consisting of Bollywood, Hollywood as well as Tollywood movies. The filmywap app is connected to the main filmywap site, due to which one can access the content available on the site.

From where can the filmywap app be downloaded?

There are strong chances of this application not being there in the play store, but it can easily be downloaded through the apk file that can be found on the internet. One can try reaching out to the sites hosting apk or can look on 9Apps for the file.

Is the app safe to download?

Except for the filmywap app, there are a number of other apps and sites for downloading movies, clips and videos but not all the apps are as safe as the filmyway. All thecontent of this app goes through several checks and tests in order to ensure that it is virus free.

What is the videomate app?

Videomate just like the filmywap app is an app for downloading videos, movies, v series and web series from different platforms on the internet. This app lets its users download all types of video content from various video hosting sites.

Why should one choose videomate?

Videomate is a great application and there are several reasons for choosing it:

  • So videomate is a great app to use because it allows its users to search for the required videos in the search bar itself, and it also lets them play the videos directly from the app.
  • It is quite efficient as it comes loaded with all the necessary features, such as cancel, start and resume along with other features that allow background downloads and options for previewing.
  • All video formats such as the MKV, MP4, FLV, AVI and the WMV are supported by the videomate. In fact, it can download quite huge and heavy files too.
  • It supports all the Android versions and comes with bug fixes and regular updates.

Are both these apps worth downloading? Well, these apps have got some great reviews from the users that have been using them for a long period of time. So, there is no harm in downloading these apps to enjoy and watch one’s favourite movies, without having to spend a penny on downloading them and on surfing the internet. These apps are strongly recommended for all the users, who enjoy watching movies, videos, and web series at home.