This impartial steam shower shopping guide shows how to buy or build the best steam shower, including custom steam showers, modular units, and steam generators.

Steam showers have been popular in gyms and spas for decades, thanks to their ability to help relax muscles, soothe joint pains, and rejuvenate tired bodies.

Because steam showers are relatively new to American homes, most homeowners do not know much about what to look for when buying them. This guide to buying steam shower enclosure will help you choose the right one.

Basics of steam shower

What is a steam shower? Basically, it’s a small enclosed room with a steam-tight door that’s equipped with a steam shower generator.

The steam generator heats the water and then supplies the resulting steam into the closed room. The walls of the room, ceiling and floor must be made of a material that is impermeable to heat and moist vapor.

A seat or bench gives you a place to relax while enjoying the steam bath. In addition, almost all steam showers are also regular showers with water controls on one or more showers.

Is steam shower right for you?

Steam showers are not for everyone. People with certain medical-like conditions such as hypertension and diabetes should not use steam showers without consulting a doctor first. Pregnant women and very young children should never take steam showers.

Considering the options

You can buy a steam shower, like a complete kit, ready for installation. Or you can buy a steam shower generator and install it in a customized enclosure. The first step will be to decide between a prefabricated steam shower or a custom steam shower. Also, if you plan to install a custom steam shower, you need to choose the type of steam generator to buy.

Modular steam shower unit

The easiest and fastest way to get a new steam shower is to install a modular unit. Usually priced from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, prefabricated all-in-one modular steam shower units come with built-in doors, contoured seats, steam dispensers, more showerheads, and more. In one of these, you can enjoy either a steam bath or a shower and some regular units also have whirlpool tubs at the base.

Basic models are sized and configured to fit the space of a traditional bathtub / shower unit, as a consequence, replacing an existing bathtub can be done without excessive reconstruction. Most are designed for easy installation and connection to the hydraulic system.

Do not expect a lot of color choices. Most modular units are available in white or off-white. Look for a model that has a structured plan to reduce the risk of slipping.

If you are ordering a modular steam shower online, be sure to double check the size. In both cases request the location of a showroom you can visit or ask the manufacturer to send the photos before buying. Also discuss any plumbing and electrical requirements.

If you buy a steam shower kit at a local dealer, ask for the name of a plumber or an electrician with experience in addition to these bathroom fixtures. This way you should save on installation costs.

It’s also a good idea to get a one to three-year warranty with a steam shower. The last thing you need is a leaky unit or one that cannot produce enough steam. Without a guarantee, you can face expensive repairs and not get complete satisfaction.

Custom & luxury steam showers

If you want a steam shower that blends beautifully into your bathroom, perhaps a personalized steam shower is the best answer. Glass door is equipped with retaining the steam in this custom steam shower.

What is a personalized steam shower? Basically, it is any shower enclosure that is connected to a steam shower generator and designed to handle water vapor. In most cases this means a shower that is completely tiled on the floor, walls and ceiling, and that has a door that completely seals. It usually has a certain type of seat.

A custom steam shower is usually built from scratch during bathroom construction or remodeling. Of course, in a personalized job, you can add any services you want, from rain showers to rain towers.

How to choose a steam shower generator?

The heart of a steam shower is a steam generator, which produces steam (water vapor). If you are building a new steam shower, you will need one of these.

The unit connects to the plumbing of your home. It has a stainless steel tank equipped with a thermostatic electric heating element, which, when switched on, boil the water, producing steam. This steam is then transported to the shower through a special dispenser in the lower part of the wall. Since the steam is super-heated, the nozzle is generally insulated and / or shielded to avoid burns.

The generator can be installed up to 25 feet away from the shower, so it can be hidden under the vanity, in a closet, in the attic, or under the floor. Controls allow users to set and monitor temperatures. Control panels can be mounted inside or outside the container, or both.

If two controls are used, one inside shows the exact temperature, has a temperature setting, and has a stop. The external control has a timer that is used to automatically close the steam after a specified period of time.

Look for a steam generator that works quietly and produces steam quickly, evenly, and efficiently. Some start producing steam in less than two minutes. The generator must be sized correctly to produce sufficient steam for the shower enclosure.

Some steam generators automatically reduce the output after reaching a pre-set temperature, allowing a constant flow of humid and warm air instead of small jets of steam. The price range from $500 to $ 2,500 for a steam generator, depending on the size and characteristics. Most home Jacuzzi shops should have a demonstration model.