There are cost-effective hacks that a professional home stylist can help you to use in bringing real high-class style to your home. It is not always about how much money you spend. Some of the most stylish houses were created not with lots of money, but with just a little bit daring and creative imagination. Here are some of the truly effective hacks.

  1. Utilize gold, silver, or brass upholstery studs to trim your furniture like armchairs, sofas, as well as dining room chairs that are contained in the house. Although they cost little, you will be amazed by the class these studs add to your furniture.
  2. You probably know the decorative ceiling medallions that feature light which is normally hung from the centre of the ceiling in homes. You should try applying a similar idea to your doors. You can try it with the doorknob being centred on the medallion.
  3. Instead of using a matching fabric to tie your curtains back, you should utilize long, decorative necklaces to serve as curtain sashes. The decorative aspect of the necklaces gets transferred to the curtains and greatly enhances their beauty.
  4. Anything or object you put before the mirror will certainly be doubled, therefore you should make sure that you make the most of this wonderful phenomenon by positioning a vase of beautiful flowers or a lamp to double the effect. This is one activity that is only known by the foremost experts of house staging in Sydney.
  5. Instead of paying to get a bed head, you can make your own using the truly solid board and ensure that it’s cut to size, has lush fabric, padding, as well as aesthetic upholstery studs. Or you can use a wooden screen that is beautifully carved. These items might seem ordinary to you, but just use them and see how beautiful and stylish they can make your bed head.
  6. You can now go on and purchase several varying shelving and bookcases that will fit anywhere in the house. This enables you to effectively utilize any dead wall space for the display of ornaments and books. You will certainly begin to wonder whether it isn’t the shelving and bookcases you know that you are now using due to the effect they will have on your home’s overall look.
  7. Paint the bathroom’s tiled floors or the kitchen’s splash-back tiles, in a design that is truly bold. You should ensure that you use a paint that is fully waterproof. This is as water will always be present in the kitchen and the bathroom.
  8. Hide any electrical wiring by placing them on the back of furniture. You can also use gift boxes that should be strategically placed in a manner that makes them hide the wires effectively.
  9. Instead of stark lighting, produce an intimate glow by exchanging exposed light bulbs with vintage-inspired ones.

These are some of the cost-effective hacks which a professional home stylist can help you with so you bring high-class style to your home. You can contact the experts if you need more of these amazing hacks.