Odour control is vital for every industrial environment. Odour in industries can be caused by a variety of activities such as food manufacturing, wastewater treatment, infrastructural development and more. There are numerous ways you can reduce odour in your industrial environment and achieve a fresh and hygienic environment that everyone yearns for. Let us discuss some effective methods of reducing odour in your business.


Air scrubbing systems

Gases and particulates in industrial exhausts can cause some irritating odours. Some of these odours are toxic. You can pass the gas through liquids such as water or chemical solutions to remove toxic particles from the gas before releasing it to the environment.


Photo-ionisation systems

This is an odour control system where high-intensity UV rays are directed at the contaminated air by the aid of specialised catalysts to disinfect the air. This technique uses less power and does not involve the use of chemicals. It also takes less space compared to other options.



There are a variety of chemicals that can be used to treat odours such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphides and others. You need to know your specific requirements for you to know the suitable chemicals to use.


Misting and dosing systems

These are specialised blends of organic compounds, surfactants and essential oils that decompose and absorb odours. They can be installed as boundary barriers at sites. Dosing systems can eliminate surface based odours as well as airborne odours.


Industries have a lot of pressure to control odours they emit to the environment. Before you select a method for odourcontrol in your business, it is important that you seek advice from odour control experts first and give them the necessary information about your needs, the size of your business, the types of odour you want to control and any other important information that may be needed.