No matter, either you are going to live in the house for your whole life or planning to shift soon. Flooring is always a vital aspect. Well, everyone wants to have a stylish kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a whole house. To some people, marble is the best countertop choice, and some only want to have new paint, but many people ignore the floor they walk on many times a day. 

But, just like the other home redo elements, there are many choices among floors. You can add any style, design, and texture. Today, we are mainly concerned with luxury vinyl plank flooring and its role in adding value to your place. 

Well, vinyl is a modern flooring type. Modern in terms of a lot of variety and bulk of styles. You may find a plethora of textures too. It’s entirely possible that you are not familiar with it. So, to know “does luxury vinyl plank flooring add the home resale value” we are here with facts. Let’s get started with the information given below.

Updating the floor 

Probably, before buying anything, we usually brainstorm the options. The same goes with the floor reno. It’s entirely possible that you are brainstorming the available options, for instance, hardwood vs. laminate, ceramics vs. marble, and much more. Well, whether you are flipping the home or want a makeover. 

Updating your floor is always the best idea. Also, it is regardless of the end goal as the shoes are the most important to complete any outfit. The same goes with the home; no matter how much you have decorated, unless and until you lack an excellent floor, it is of no use. 

Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Increase Home Value?

The apparent end goal of swapping is to increase the value of your home, but this is also true of your own home. Your home is a significant and costly investment, and any renovation or restoration should only increase its resale value. Hardwood is a simple way to increase the value of your home.

It’s challenging to make the flooring look bad, and even when worn in, it retains a certain allure, but it’s not always the most cost-effective option. Rug, on the other hand, is nearly the exact opposite.

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High-end flooring material can be beautiful, cozy, and enticing, but it wears out faster than other options. So, yes, vinyl adds a resale value to your home. 

Appealing textures 

Probably, vinyl has a curbside appeal of hardwood all around the home. But, these floors come with a lot of benefits. For instance, high water resistance and easy cleaning. Moreover, it has good resistance to scratch and stains. Furthermore, it is better than laminates. No question at all; people usually scoffed at vinyl. 

People usually consider it as an outdated floor. But, with the advancement in technology, vinyl has improved a lot. Well, vinyl has got popularity mainly in the areas that have potential buyers. They strongly mimic the hardwood. Moreover, they are a cost-effective choice. So, don’t wait and buy these floors.

Affordable prices  

One of the best reasons to buy luxury vinyl plank flooring is its lower cost. Keep in mind; people tend to purchase laminate over wood at an affordable price. Vinyl has gained credibility in the Columbus flooring store over the other flooring. Well, it again depends on your favorite style and texture. Also, you have to find the surface. These floors only cost $3 per square foot. So, less cost is an essential aspect behind opting for these floors.

Ample Variety

Of course, wood is wood. It has a high-quality texture as well as a fantastic appearance. Also, you can paint or stain. But, you can never change its core material. It is what it is.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl is a synthetic material. You can get a wide variety of colors, styles, and looks. One of the best things about this floor is that it matches all kinds of interior decor elements. 

Whatever your personal choice is, it fits in all the homes. For instance, modern. Traditional, bold, subtly vibrant, and many more looks are easily accessible. This is something you are going to pop with in the future. Indeed, vinyl also imitates the stone and tile. Well, people tend to buy the wood looks frequently. So, it is not limited in choices. And, this is another good aspect to opt for this flooring option. 


So, luxury vinyl plank flooring adds tremendous resale value to your home. Whether you are flipping or just adding a new look to your place, floors are always neglected. But, don’t make this mistake. Never go for some cheap options to save a few bucks. Vinyl floors add a unique texture to your home. 

However, while choosing different floor materials, consider the resale value. And with vinyl, this is an easy-to-understand aspect. Last but not least, it is an affordable, versatile as well as gorgeous flooring option.