Whether you love adventure, entertainment, enjoyment, learning, honing your skills or experiencing new activities; cities like Pune can get you everything on your plate. This city is buzzing with plenty of events that will leave you amazed. Who says that you don’t have much to do once you are over with office work when you have so many event options in hand?

Certainly, just find out exciting and heart winning Events in Pune and you are going to love them. You can go for any types of events like fun, dance, music, theatre, education, learning, adventure and so on. There are many events taking place every day in this metro city. Just have a look at some of the events that you can munch on.

Planning for a start up?

Well, if that is so, do you have some time on Saturday, 23rd September2017 from 11:00AM – 2:00PM? There is something exciting awaits you that day.  If you want to learn something wow about start-ups then you must attend an event like Start-ups Club Demo Day 2017. This event is getting organized by Start-ups.  Through this event, you can link up with many entrepreneurs and investors.  Who knows you get your first lead at one of such events? After all, it is just a matter of a few hours and a lot of knowledge and information will be given to you.

Looking for some adventure?

If you are getting bored of your humdrum routine then you must look for some adventurous and exciting events. There are many traveling events that can give you a thrilling experience that too within a day or two. You just have to enrol yourself on these events and they will take care of your stayover, food and will take all the safety precautions for you. Be it waters activities, trekking or any other activity; you will be in company of professionals.

How about Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Well, you can enjoy this trek as it is getting organized by Explorers from 23rd to 24th September, 2017.  This two day trip will rejuvenate you and make you feel refreshed and sufficed. Talking about Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek, it is one of the most fascinating and perfect picnic spots of Goa. It caters hypnotic natural beauty and outstanding landscapes specially when in full Swing after monsoons.  The waterfall here appears as if streams of milk flowing down mountain that eventually end into gushing cascades.

Dance and dance!

If you love to learn dance and you feel that you should experience new dance styles and types then you must find out time of dance events. There are many dancing events that take place in your city. Through these dance events, you can learn many dance styles and get an idea about the variety you have in dance world. These events give you the chance to tap up the full potential you have.  You get a chance to listen to experienced dancers sharing their tips and ideas during such events.


So, you must not hesitate to find out events in your city. After all, these events can open all new horizons for you!