Everyone wants perfectly proportioned eyebrows, but there are few people who have perfectly natural eyebrows. Some have too thin eyebrows while others are too thick; while some have the issue of pale brows. Regular visits to beauty salons are essential to perfect those eyebrows. A weird fact about eyebrows is that people hardly notice the perfect eyebrows, but even the slightest distortion is immediately noticed! Keeping the brows in perfect shape and color, therefore, becomes a regular task! Many of us have the problem of pale or too dark eyebrows. Unlike hair or eyes, nothing can be done about it because no color is known for eyebrows. Well, there is actually a way to change the color of the eyebrows to our liking, that too for a long time! This almost magical procedure is known as eyebrow tinting. Let’s take a look at what exactly eyebrow dyeing is and if it is possible to do it at your home?

Let’s discuss eyebrow tinting first.

Eyebrow dyeing is a process of tinting the eyebrows with a color that matches the face, hair color, and general personality. As mentioned earlier, eyebrow tinting is long-lasting if done accurately, almost two months! The downside is that if you don’t like it, you can’t change the color right away. Therefore, it is very important to choose the dye carefully. It is best to follow the advice of your service provider as she will know which color matches your personality. This procedure makes the eyebrows more prominent, so it works best on pale skin. If your eyebrows are too dark for your skin, you can choose a lighter dye to tint your brows. This procedure costs more or less 40$. If you want to save that money, then you can go DIY. But remember, a little mistake can ruin your natural eyebrow shape. The following is a simple procedure for tinting eyebrows at home.

DIY Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting eyebrows is quite easy. However, you should only try if you are familiar with chemical dyes and know the chemicals used in dyes. Before tinting your brows, do a patch test to see whether or not that particular color will suit your skin. Do not try to color directly on the eyebrows. Following items you will need to tint your brows at home, Bowl, Brow dye, Dye Brush, cotton pad.

The process to tint your brow.

You can easily buy brow tinting DIY kits from the market or online. These kits contain dyes and other materials needed to tint the brows. Before buying a kit, do a little research on the different kits available and read some reviews about those products.

You will find a black and brown paste in the kit. Add a small dab of both pastes if you want dark eyebrows. For lighter eyebrows, apply only brown. Add 3-4 drops of the color developer in the cup, which you can usually find in the kit itself. Now apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly near your brows to prevent the color from getting on your face.

Carefully apply the mixture with a brush. Start with the inner part of your eyebrow and continue towards the end. Wait for a second, make sure the whole eyebrow is coated well, and make sure all the hair is colored, then go to the next eyebrow after that. Repeat the process for the other eyebrow. Leave the dye to act for a while, then rub the excess with a cotton ball. After the whole process, you will get the brow color that you want. If you think the results are not according to your desire, then contact your nearest salon and ask them for the solution.