As the idea of gifting cakes on every single special occasion in your life becomes more and more popular, the intense competition among the bakers and confectioners in this huge 2000 crore market is becoming more and more pronounced as well. The potential is huge and many new companies are venturing into cake – making, including biscuit making giants like ITC and Britannia. They are now even going for more investment into the cake – making industry, as they realize what the returns might be by focussing on this sector.

The Recent Trends in Cake Industry

The trends that are most clearly visible in the cake industry in the recent days include:

  • A phenomenal rise in the consumption of cakes among people in every segment of the society and in every part of the world.
  • Preferences are changing significantly when it comes to gifting ideas. Every occasion seems to be adorned by a special cake, meant just for the particular occasion.
  • A huge number of small time cake manufacturers have emerged all over India.

The new leaders are delving into the sector with innovative ideas, thus making inroads into the consumers’ hearts and stomachs at a rapid rate. The change in the pattern of cake consumption is very much pronounced in the fact that earlier people used to bake and eat cakes only during the Christmas and New Year. Those were the times when traditionally all shops show-case their cakes and vie for the attention of the maximum number of consumers.

But this scenario has changed now. Today, people buy and gift cakes in almost every occasion, be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, house – warming, arrival of a little one and so on. Wherever you are, you can now make online cake delivery to Sri Ganganagar or anywhere else in the country.

Why has The Cake Industry Flourished So Much?

The quality of cakes that are now being manufactured is too good in their flavours, colours, ingredients, and appearances. They are an instant hit and a perfect gift for any occasion that you can name. Moreover, with the online market now taking over the business scenario in most of the sectors, the cake – industry is also not falling behind. With the online advantage, you can send a cake on any date and time at any destination in the world, while you yourself may be sitting at some other corner of the globe!

The entry of small operators, apart from the expansion of biscuits giants, have not affected the market share of the traditional cake manufacturers like Monginis, Kathleen’s, etc. The beautiful cakes made out of fresh cream are more popular when they are being made and delivered by the local confectioners. It is the fruitcakes and the dry cakes that find a greater demand all over the world, as they have a much longer shelf life.

The strange thing is that the prices of most of the ingredients of a cake have sky – rocketed in the last couple of years. But that has not curbed the demand for cakes. Whether you send cake to Sri Ganganagar, or buy a lovely cake from the local bakery, cakes are always going to remain the darlings in parties.