The enigmatic body wave hairstyle. It appears to be a simple summer look, but achieving that beautiful, easygoing texture has been more difficult than anticipated. A constant sea salt spritz can undoubtedly dry your hair and make it appear lifeless rather than voluminous and cascading waves, particularly if you have curls.

But truly, regardless of how you style your hair, there are so many hacks and techniques available— you don’t even need to use a styling tool to achieve body wave hairstyles unless you want to! 

We don’t gate-keep hair styling hacks and essentials! So, get ready because we will spell out our favorite Brazilian body wave styling hacks that will make your style look better! 

What’s Body Wave Hair?

Deep wave bundle
Deep wave bundle 

Body wave hair is a fundamental hairstyle that has always been popular and highly received by ladies of all ages! It is a texture that anyone, regardless of length, can wear. For its versatility, this hair texture has grown in favor– you can heat-style the  Brazilian body wave bundles to enhance the pattern or change the texture altogether! 

If you are searching for a human hair weave that can satisfy all your needs, from enhancing volume to coloring, and other restyled styles, then body wave hair is a perfect option.

Pros Of Body Wave Human Hair Bundles 

  • First and foremost, the body wave human hair weave has a natural beach wave, which is similar to the beach waves that many try to attain with styling tools. It consists of both straight and curly waves. As a result, the curls of the body wave appear entirely softened and laid-back. If you think straight hair is bland and want curls, then body wave is your style. It blends in with your hair to create a natural effect.
  • Second, body wave weave reigns supreme in terms of versatility. Everything about this Brazilian body wave hair texture makes it appear casual and spontaneous– perhaps it’s the lustrous texture, thickness, and a hint of marvel.
  • Third, the hair is easy to style. You can achieve bone-straight hair, flirtatious curls, or beachy waves without going to tremendous lengths. Retaining the body wave hair extensions is also easy (which we will share next). 

Hacks To Keep Body Wave Human Hair In The Perfect Shape 

Whether you already have body wave bundles or are waiting for your installation session, you gotta learn how to keep the exquisite texture in great condition all day long!

Here are the hacks to keep your body wave texture looking great all day. 

Hack 1: Finger Comb Your Brazilian Body Wave Bundles 

There is no doubt that the wave and curl need to be preserved better from top to bottom. This way, the body wave weave will appear better. Comb your bundles with a wide-tooth comb and run your fingertips from end to end. Furthermore, you can uniformly roll the waves with your fingers if they appear loose or undone. 

Hack 2: Air-Drying And Diffusing Body Wave Weave 

Diffuse for volume and definition
Diffuse for volume and definition 

After you wash your Brazilian body wave hair, always air-dry it. Remove excess water from the bundle with a microfiber towel and let nature take its course. Once your hair is about 80% dried, use a diffuser to define the body wave pattern. You can also place the diffuser closer to the roots to pump up the volume. 

This hack will help maintain the gorgeous wavy texture and add incredible volume to your hairstyle! Finish up the style with a lightweight oil for additional shine! 

Hack 3: Using A Hair Mousse 

Mousse is a difficult styling product to define. Some claim it boosts volume, while others advocate it for a better hold and style retention. 

A hair mousse incorporates a variety of style qualities into a single frothy composition.

Mousse is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use products, which is why ladies use it to maintain their Brazilian body wave wigs or bundles in shape for hours instead of falling flat!

Follows these steps to use mousse on your body wave bundles:

  • Dispense a bit of hair mousse into your hand. 
  • Apply the product throughout your Brazilian body wave weave.
  • Take a bit more and lightly scrunch it at the crown. 
  • To achieve a more defined result, use your diffuser. 

Hack 4: Flexi Rods For Bouncier Waves 

Many heatless styling options work, and Flexi rods are one of them. The Flexi rod hack helps achieve bouncier and livelier waves and curls in less than 30 minutes. 

Follow these steps to achieve the Flexi rod waves:

  • Start by detangling your Brazilian body wave bundles and parting your hair. 
  • Split your hair into two horizontal sections and tie the top section away. 
  • Begin by wrapping sections of hair around the Flexi rods and folding the ends of the rods to secure them. 
  • Once you complete the bottom section, mist a styling spray generously.
  • Repeat the above  steps for the top section of the hair.
  • Blow dry your Flexi curls for 10-15 minutes to fasten the drying process, let the waves cool, and set for 10 minutes before unraveling the Flexi rods. 
  • Brush your fingers through the thick and defined waves for that bounce, and you’re done! 

Hack 5: Keep Your Hand Off Your Body Wave Weave 

It’s no secret that we enjoy playing with our hair, but if you want your body wave texture to last, keep your hands off your hair. Playing with your hair causes the body wave texture to loosen and frizz to pop up! 

Hack 6: Deep Condition Your Brazilian Body Wave Bundles 

Now, this is a lewk!
Now, this is a lewk! 

Sometimes when and how you take care of your Brazilian body wave bundles play a significant role in how well the hacks and tricks will work. Not maintaining your bundles means you won’t be able to enjoy the versatility the hair offers! 

Apply a deep conditioner twice a month to keep your hairstyles in excellent condition. Consistency is key with deep wave hair. Deep conditioning your hair regularly helps you to style it with little to no damage. 

Follow these steps to deep condition your deep wave virgin hair bundles:

  • Wash your Brazilian hair bundles with a moisturizing shampoo to remove product build-up. It will help the deep conditioner to penetrate your cuticles. 
  • Carefully detangle your bundles using a wide-tooth comb or fingers to help the product spread evenly throughout the strands. 
  • Allow the deep moisturizing conditioner to sit for 5 minutes if you’re in a rush or 20 minutes if you have time.
  • Plop your bundles in a microfiber towel to let the heat trap in and help open the cuticles. It will assist the deep conditioner in absorbing faster and better. Alternatively, you can use a blow-dryer on medium heat to relax your bundled hair.
  • Rinse your deep-conditioned hair after 20 minutes and let it air-dry. 


Body wave Brazilian hair allows you to create versatile and natural-looking hairstyles regardless of the season! Use the 6 hacks mentioned above to keep your body wave bundles in the perfect shape all day long. Dont forget to deep condition your bundles regularly and go heatless with Flexi rods whenever possible! 

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