Now the Hashtag Generator allows you to create folders by followers on Instagram with tag collections, see more hashtag ideas with one click on a tag, and preview the tag gallery. This means that searching for Instagram hashtags to copy and paste will become easier – you can keep all your tags in one dashboard – not in notes on your phone or in a spreadsheet. click here

Hashtag Generator update: Instagram hashtags to copy & paste (instant similar hashtags, templates, post previews)

The new interface offers more options for deep hashtag research while keeping the design of the site as simple and minimalistic as possible. To check out the updated version in action just follow the link to the Hashtag Generator and sign up.


On the right in the window where you can select tags, a button for the lazy appeared – Smart Selection. Since it’s desirable to combine hashtags from different groups, for example some with a reach of one million posts and others with 1,000 posts, it may take you a while to manually check off the tags with different frequencies.

Instagram hashtags smart selection feature

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Now by clicking on one button, you will receive a selection of tags of different frequencies. Check if they suit you. If yes, copy or save the selection as a template for the future.


Previously, you could copy and paste tags directly into a post or into notes or spreadsheets where you track them.

Now you can manage sets of tags for each type of post and account in the Hashtag Generator.

To create a template, choose a name for it – this will help you quickly find and copy all the tags from the template when you need it. get more followers on instagram

For example, if you run an account selling flower bouquets, you can search for tags for different types of floristry – wedding bouquets, birthday flowers, flowers for men, etc. Then for each, you need to choose a template with hashtags so that those customers who are looking for these flowers can find exactly your offers – what they have typed into the IG search bar.

Note: Don’t post irrelevant content in the hashtag gallery, even if it is very trending. In this case, you won’t get organic clicks from the hashtag gallery.


Now you can go to the extended menu for EVERY hashtag both from mobile and from a computer – without additional switching of pages.

For example, if you were looking for tags on the topic “cottage core,” you can hover over the #cottagecorestyle tag (on mobile, just click on it). This tag may suit you best, but in this way you can get even more relevant ideas.

Posts preview – click here to open the hashtag gallery and see if the content here is right for you.

It is important to understand what posts exist in the gallery of the tag in order to determine whether it is spam, whether the publications there are relevant, and whether the competition is high. get paid followers on instagram

For example, for the #cottagecorestyle hashtag the Generator showed in Similar hashtags #cottagecorestyles. This will allow you to include all tags with the same root to cover all variations – sometimes there are a lot of tag variations and fewer publications in their galleries because they are new. In such galleries, you will likely become noticeable.


The history of tag searches is stored in the memory of the Hashtag Generator, and the latest collections are displayed in the Recent tab. This is convenient and will help you not to lose the latest search ideas, even if several people use your account.


If you need to find hashtags for the keyword “dog,” and then dive deeper by the keyword “pug,” then the results for each inquiry will be placed under different tabs. It looks just like tabs in a browser with several websites open.

It is easy to switch between them and close them.

Next, we share a selection of hashtags that you can copy for the top popular queries. Remember that tags can increase your organic reach by hundreds of times – completely free.

When using the Hashtag Generator, scroll down to the Related Organic Hashtags section. Here the Generator offers not single-root ideas, but similar ideas.- You might not have guessed them, but other users often use these tags along with your original ideas.

Hack: For the trendiest tag galleries, visit the accounts of influencers or businesses in your niche. Paste these account names into the Profile Analyzer and find the hashtags they use.

Based on these competitor tags, generate hundreds more ideas through the Hashtag Generator. This method will help you infiltrate the tag galleries where your competitors live in order to displace them and gain views and an audience.

With these updates, the Hashtag Generator has become a smart system for fully managing tags, storing hashtag lists, and quickly copying ideas. This Generator updates the database regularly, so you will find ideas that other less advanced services have not yet parsed.