Acne scars give you an ugly feel and no better a lot of brands promise no scars cream it is an uncomfortable scenario. Still a plethora of home remedies are available where you can treat this skin condition at home. They eradicate acne scars or even dark spots a lot faster

Aloe Vera

Soothing and moisturizing properties are part of this treatment. Aloe Vera is a combination of both of them and even more. Loaded with anti –oxidants it reduces swelling and redness where dead cells and excess oil is removed. This is great for sun burns and diluted properly can be ingested.

A notable feature of this ingredient is that you do not need measurements. If a plant is found the entire better! Scrap off the leaf, lather the scar and with a plastic wrap cover it. It could feel a tinge sticky but your skin will thank you.

Coconut oil

Any oil can work on your skin it is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids as it moisturizes and penetrates the skin restoring the glow of your skin. This is great and even suggested by avid users as part of their daily skin care regime.

The best way to use coconut oil would be to drab it under your eyes or your lips a first thing in the morning to make your skin look really fresh.

A piece of advice, do use coconut oil only in the area you want to treat. Using too much amount of coconut oil would cause a breakout if the usage is not controlled.

Baking soda

How does baking soda help to remove scars? Most of the no scars cream for men’shas their main ingredient as baking soda.  It works as a natural exfoliator and alters your PH balance. To achieve this it removes the dead cells and makes you feel refreshed without causing any damage to the area around the scar.

Rely on a single part of baking soda along with two parts water. Incorporate a paste and apply it on the scrubbed area and after a minute or so gently wash it off.

Onion sting

You would not mind a little sting, but trust me it fades off quickly as onion extract works out to be a viable option for you. On significant application of onion extract it reduces the scars within a couple of weeks, though daily use is recommended.

This ingredient is used for fighting acne as it reduces redness, soreness and fights inflammation.


No list is complete without the mention of honey. The effects of natural moisturizing make it ideal to be part of your skin care routine. Once obtained in raw form it is darker and amazing with a host of medical properties hard to ignore.

For a great renewal treatment you need to mix honey with cinnamon making the skin clear and smooth.

To conclude these are some of the effective home remedies to remove acne. But still if it persists consult a dermatologist.