The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test is explained as a nonverbal test for K-12. The main motive for the test is to examine the problem solving and reasoning skills of the students. This test is different from other basic tests because this one is known to find out the student’s aptitude, focusing on other skills rather than basic knowledge.

The Naglieri Ability Test Explained

All the talented people who score the highest marks in the Naglieri Ability Test automatically qualify for wonderful opportunities offered by the school itself. You might be wondering what these opportunities could be? Well, it consists of nothing but accelerated programs to the students. This in simple words taking over all the classes which are taught by the teachers to higher grade level students.

What does the Naglieri Ability Test Examine?

The Naglieri Ability Test is known to measure the ability of a student to solve the given issues in the best way possible. All the questions given in the test measure the ability of a student to complete all the given questions. Moreover, the test also examines the reasoning skills and spatial visualization in the students. For example, students from second to sixth standard, the test will assess factors like pattern completion, reasoning by analogy, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization in the students. Nevertheless, students studying in ukg or kg will be examined only for their pattern completion skills.

What is considered as a great Naglieri score?

According to the teachers, a great score on the NNAT test comes under high average, superior, and extreme superior. Nevertheless, the scores depend on how well the student performs. If a specific school is making use of the Naglieri ability test to offer a talented program to the student, then a great score will be whatever they consider to be the minimum score. In addition to this, the score also depends on the total number of students applying for the test. All the schools that have numerous students accept scores that are extremely superior. In schools with limited students, they need a superior score for the students to qualify.

At last the score comes down to the number of students deciding to take over the talented programs after clearing the test.

What exactly will the test find out in the students? 

No matter who wants to appear for the test, there are two options available to prepare for the test. The first one is to make use of free sample question papers which are available on various online platforms. What you can do is get them printed and you can solve them at home.

Second option to prepare for the test is to make use of different prep workbooks. This gives you an opportunity to complete all the tests just by using a pencil or a pen. The best part about workbooks is that they can be solved whenever one wants to. 

Using both these options, one can always prepare for the Naglieri Ability test in the best way possible. You will surely get the guidance you require to get the best scores in the test. Other options you can use to prepare for the Naglieri Ability Test are by solving puzzles, playing brain games, and mazes.

Want to apply for the NNAT test? Follow all the information mentioned in this piece and you are good to go.