Effective leadership affects the outcomes of teamwork. Turnover, customer satisfaction, revenue, and productivity are other factors that are highly impacted by the leadership. It has a direct cause and effect on the organization’s success. The core pillars of any business are strengthened with effective leadership, which results in increased employee happiness, engagement, and retention rate.

Qualities Of A Leader

Some people naturally possess leadership qualities, while researchers concluded leaders could be made with consistent practice. Anyone can learn to become an effective leader with commitment and consistency. When it comes to comparing a manager with a leader, people can easily observe their distinctive ways of approaching success. Managers believe in maintaining a formal relationship with the team members, while leaders try to establish a long-lasting, efficient, and emotional relationship with them. Leaders have strong core values that influence their decisions and actions. They think out of the box to bring out innovative solutions to business problems and reach their goals. 

Tips To Be An Effective Leader

Anyone can observe the traits like self-awareness, decisiveness, fairness, enthusiasm, and integrity in a highly skilled leader. Their subordinates consider them as role models and get motivated by their attitude and perception. Talking about a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur, Kris Thorkelson is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs who keep on motivating them to be successful with his action. Kris Thorkelson Thorwin has more than twenty-five years of experience as a business leader, having founded and led several pharmacy businesses to success. The success of a business plan normally rests in the hands of leaders. Read further to know how one can become an effective and successful business leader. 

Identification Of Strength

Leadership qualities include creative thinking, communication skills, conflict resolution capabilities, decisiveness, honesty, and integrity boost a leader’s effectiveness. Effectiveness depends upon strength. One can identify the strengths by listening to feedback, considering his passion, and taking a personality test.

Develop Existing Skills

Good leaders like Henry Ford keep on self-assessing to know where they lack strength. Developing and refining existing skills would help in carving out new ideas and solutions for different situations. Leaders always look for ways to improve and learn new skills as well. They should find the optimal time to practice, learn, and educate themselves.

Find A Mentor

By getting a mentor, leaders may gain more useful skills and advance their careers. Good mentors use effective tactics to help people come out of their comfort zone and make efforts. Mentorship would help in building a network.

Build Network

Networking is also a skill that is remarkably necessary for business people. It demands confidence. Social media has made the networking process easier by providing a platform for easy interaction with millions of people. The business growth depends upon the connections of the company.


Leaders are the one who initiates actions and makes the business plan succeed. The role of a leader is not limited to giving guidance as they are responsible as well for the quality of teamwork. They should be effective to ensure the best performance towards the company’s goals.