Valentine’s week is all on the way, and love is in the air. It’s time to build some exciting plans to make memories with your partner. Not only new couples but every couple can make their valentine super special and romantic. Weekend breaks with a hot tub are something you might never have heard of. However, you have no idea how this break can bring your lover close to you. 

Begin with a Romantic Invitation 

Romance starts with a courtly gesture. You can add a memorable invitation that uplifts interest and anticipation. The invitation works as a sweet yet special gesture which your special person will surely adore. Ask him or her to join you for a romantic night. Wondering how you can do that? Below are the guidelines that you always opt for. 

  • Craft a handwritten invitation as your person will like the effort you put in despite such a busy schedule.
  • Share your feelings which you feel for your partner. Make sure not to miss the red color as it’s the color of love. 
  • Invitation without flowers builds the mood and makes your partner feel more special. 
  • Gifting a bathing suit with the invitation is also a great idea, and it’s perfect for a hot tub weekend break. 

What Can You Ask to Make Your Hot Tub Breaks More Special?

Ask for Sensual Essentials

Romantic Lighting

Undoubtedly, hot tubs are quite relaxing. However, if you massage your person’s shoulder, neck, face, legs, and hands, then it will be highly soothing for your partner. Adding candles, soft lamps, or twinkle lights can boost the romantic break. You can ask the facility to add on romantic lights. 


Who says you can not add the refreshments. Add on the bottle champagne or wine to make your hot tub bath rejuvenating & field with love. Also, the cold snacks that are pretty refreshing such as grapes, popsicles, carrot sticks, etc., are some good suggestions. 


Music is an incredible therapy to mind. If you are stressed out, then listening to a piece of soft music works miraculously. Nighttime tubbing with romantic music stimulates the mood. Make a playlist before heading to the weekend hot tub break and ask the staff to use it when you are with your partner. 

Things That You Can Do

Relaxing Rub

As mentioned above, you can massage your partner on their head, face, back, chest, neck, shoulders, legs, hands, and feet. Use the essential oil and massage your partner. 


Fun And Games

You can play with your partner-bathtub love. The game has floating bubbles, which allow lovers to share the warmth of sharing the tub together. You place the bubbles into the tub and as your partner picks the bubble, then throw him/her a romantic action which they need to perform. There is no time limit; you can play as long as you want. 

Hot tub weekend breaks are full-on fun and allow you to make timeless memories. You can follow the above tips to make your weekend break unusual & romantic.